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Scratchin' Vinyl | EphemeralBlue Collab

A collab I did with :iconephemeralblue:. Needless to say, after this and our last collab (Found here: [link]), I think it's safe to say we work well together.

Vector can be found here: [link]


Follow me on tumblr for updates, news and sneak peaks at what I'm working on: [link]

And visit this site for all your top-quality pony wallpaper needs: [link]
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I am simply awe struck by this. What an idea it was to draw something like this, it is so cool.
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It's amazing how quickly a pony can become a fan favorite. I mean, she was only on the screen for about, what, 16 second total for two seasons? (About 3 seconds in "Suited for Success" and about a total of 13 seconds, if that, in "A Canterlot Wedding Part 2")

Anyways, another great wallpaper and another great collab. The list of continues.
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Vinyl inside vinyl? Vinylception!
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Actually, it's a vinyl inside a vinyl, and the first vinyl is also holding a vinyl.
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:iconyodawg-plz: Yo dawg, I heard you like vinyl...