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Request: Mane 6 Wallpaper

Request from :icongoldencapitalist:

Applejack vector by: [link]

The rest of Mane 6 by: [link]
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may I post this for my group please? I will link ur account and this picture in the description. please?  Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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To Post, plz go to my group gallery and press submit to this gallery. my group is called mlp-mane-6
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This is also amazing; just like the rest of your work. XD
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Huh... I just noticed that you've never done a dedicated Fluttershy wallpaper. It's just something I noticed as I was digging through your works. Did you still intend to make one, or is it something you skipped over? I'm not demanding you make one or anything, just curious. >_<"
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I guess I just avoided her because her colour scheme is hard to work with. Perhaps I've make one sometime soon if I get an idea.
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I can see what you mean. Pink+yellow kinda clashes a bit. Yellow in particular tends to be a pretty "harsh" color to work with. Thank you for your response. Hopefully this will be something to look forward to in the future.
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Epic. I love the look on Twi's face, and the texture draws a focus to that.
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I love this one. The glass-like blur is a welcome effect. It adds a nice bit of depth-of-field. :D
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Excellent wallpaper. I very much like it. Thank you kindly.
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Love the determination in everypony's face and the glass-like texture on the top and bottom :D
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