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Rainbow Storm

Look at that lightning, god damn. It's the highest level of awesome you can even achieve.

Cutie mark vector: [link]


Follow me on tumblr for updates, news and sneak peaks at what I'm working on: [link]

And visit this site for all your pony wallpaper needs: [link]
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damn i want this on a T-shirt
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I downloaded this wallpaper a long time ago but didn't know who made it!
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It seems me and my friends' wallpapers have circulated around quite a bit. I'm glad when people who like my stuff find the source. =D
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Omg, dis is cul.

Love that lightning thing you did. Teach me your ways, I'm too much of a lazy ass to watch your streams.

They are also ghay, but that's a side reason.
SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
The lightning effect only works proper if you have a tablet to draw it with. You could do it the long way with a mouse but that would take much longer and still wouldn't look as natural.
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Now that is electrifying, absolutely amazing.
Neosword3000's avatar
God damnit dude, you are amazing!
ForsakenChilli's avatar
I have no idea how you did this, but it's absolutely incredible!
BBronYY's avatar
At this rate my entire computer isn't only going be "ponified," but Rainbow Dashified.. if that makes sense...
AAlegends's avatar
Are you a wizard?
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Hello new background! :D
Snoopy20111's avatar
This is amazing. I am in awe.
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That lighting really is awesome. I especially like the vein-like textures surrounding her cutie mark.

Now if only the other cutie marks were done in this fashion...
Fire-seeker's avatar
That AWESOME! :iconsonicrainboomplz:
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Fifth--Element's avatar
Gotta agree with you on that. Love that lightning.
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