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Rainbow Dash - MegaSweet (20% Cooler Edit)

An edit of this awesome and classic wallpaper done by Megasweet: [link] There is no way you haven't seen the original before.


Follow me on tumblr for updates, news and sneak peaks at what I'm working on: [link]

And visit this site for all your top-quality pony wallpaper needs: [link]
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need bigger resolution version :(
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Such a beautiful edit of rainbow Dash Wallpaper you made here. You deserve a nice round of applause.
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Awesome! You don't mind if i use this as my pc wallpaper?
SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
It's a wallpaper, that's what it's for, bro.
DreamingSkyline's avatar
Alright thanks bro! :)
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this definitely is 20% cooler. thanks!
MaliceDawn's avatar
this is amazing! I love it so much its going on my facebook cover and pc background now!!!
Fire-seeker's avatar
Screw 20% cooler, this is 120% cooler :D
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It'd be epic if someone made a neon version of this...
Flashed00's avatar
when you say... 'neon'... what exactly do you mean?
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I could probably do that... If I used Photoshop xD
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i fkn luv it
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This is probably the COOLEST work of art I've ever seen! If I had the money, I'd design and construst a solid gold trophy for your work. I always can't wait to see what new deviations you have every time I log on, and considering I just got back for a vacation with no internet access for 3 days, it's that much better!
SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
Wow, thanks mate. That actually means a lot. =D
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No problem, your stuff is awesome (how many times can I say that on deviantart, lol), but keep up the great work.
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