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My Little Pony: Retro Arcade

I've been wanting to try this out for a while. I think the style I was looking for turned out pretty well.


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You should animate it! :D
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Looks like your gamepak is a bit dusty...
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dayum delta...
dats epic.
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How'd ya do that screen effect? I've been trying to find out for so long!
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It would take me an essay to type out the whole process so here's the gist of it: Many many lines, some noise, distortion and some cloud brushes that were bitmap'd.
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How about instead of writing an essay, just link us to a tutorial? I don't know what to call this effect, so it would be hard to search for a tutorial on something I don't know what to call.
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1. I can't find the tutorial I loosely based this off of.
2. I didn't follow the tutorial step-by-step, I did a lot of improvisation so it doesn't look like another clone with a new logo. I just used a few techniques mentioned.
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Sweet baby Luna... well it definitely looks Grade A!

Thanks again.
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