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My Little Dashie is Snoozing on Your Desktop

I recently read My Little Dashie, found here: [link]

The story made me, an 18 year old big guy who's never cried over a movie or story before, start to bawl like a little girl. It's absolutely amazing, if you don't want to read it someone on YouTube called Azekahh has dramatic reading videos. I highly recommend it, it's a really sweet story and it just sucks you in.

So because of this story I felt like making an adorable, sleepy Dashie to have on everyone's desktop.

Render for Rainbow Dash came from [link]
Any problems and I'll take this one down and switch it out for another [less cool] Rainbow Dash.
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Too bad that you don't have a high-res version of this (2560x1600). Apart from that, nice work.
SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
Eh it's one of my older works anyway, if I had made it recently it would look a lot better.
PilotSolaris's avatar
I know that feel, bro....
MidnightWave's avatar
Ok, now I have to read that story.
MidnightWave's avatar
Well the story itself didn't make me cry, but it did bring back painful memories which did make me cry.
MidnightWave's avatar
SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
Of course, go right ahead, mate.
fisher10190's avatar
"My heart explodes for a second time." This is just too awesome!
minchuz9973's avatar
awwwww agin i love dashie :XD:
Succaxe's avatar
Whhhhyyyyyyyyyy......... why must the ending be so damn sad...? Only thing that ever made me cry... must endure. Must keep going...
lovenovels's avatar
Now everytime I load my computer I shall cry...
I was the same way. I had never cried so hard in my life.
Xip3rheartsLuna's avatar
I am making a tribute video of 'My Little Dashie'

Have I permission, sir, to use your excellent work as part of the slides?

Thanks in advance,
MeepyMeeper's avatar
send me the linky!! XD
Xip3rheartsLuna's avatar
I'm sorry, it never became a reality. Terribly sorry, I have too much on my hands at the moment
MeepyMeeper's avatar
oh darn. well if you ever get it done you know who to send the link to.
Xip3rheartsLuna's avatar
I promise you, I will
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