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Lauren Faust Alicorn Wallpaper

A wallpaper for everyone's favorite alicorn, Lauren Faust. Thank you so much Faust, you've changed my life for the better in so many ways. Stay awesome.

Check out her DA page here: :iconfyre-flye:

Render for pony Faust came from [link]
Any problems and I'll take this one down and switch it out for another [less cool] pony Faust.
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Lauren Faust is queen of everything.
ALL GLORY TO LAUREN FAUST! *drools rainbows*
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Its glorious...
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That is very well done and an excellent tribute.

We owe her so much.
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This is great. Very lovely wallpaper, sort of angelic looking.

I love Lauren's pony.. I'm so thankful for what she's done; she's changed a lot of people's lives.
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I have no idea why I like the faust-pony so much
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It's probably the hair.
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yeah mabye ur right...also should I make her an Oc in a fanfiction?
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Fanfiction is free game for most OCs. Go for it.
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Lauren Faust, is the Queen of all ponies in Friendship is Magic. ^_^
If only she was part of the show. I would be happy if she was.
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um... what you mean damn straight? ^^;
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