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Happy Birthday Fifth!

Happy birthday to :icongoldencapitalist:, also known as Fifth Element. I heard you like ponytail ponies and Rainbow Dash. Thanks for all the stuff you've done for me, seriously, my story would be shit without your editing.

Vector: [link]


Follow me on tumblr for updates, news and sneak peaks at what I'm working on: [link]

And visit this site for all your top-quality pony wallpaper needs: [link]
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Dat pony-tail.
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Randomly stalking you browsing your gallery again.

Always come across this. Awesome wallpaper. Awesome friend.
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Don't go too far back in the gallery. It starts getting real ugly.

I'd delete some of my older stuff but:
1. People would hate me.
2. It's too much work.

Thanks for extra views, friend. <3
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Just going to go ahead and say thank you dude, for making an awesome wallpaper for me. Really appreciate it, really love it. And I'm glad to be your editor.
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I always thought Rainbowdash would have a ponytail, assuming she's athletic and lots of runners and etc. wear them, but yeah. RD's hair isn't that long, a bit shorter. X)
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Very nice job!
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Dunno why but I love the way ponytail Dash looks! It's just...awesome :D
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Nice work, this one looks amazing.
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GoldenCapitalist should have more birthdays. That way we'll get more great wallpapers like this!
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Happy Birthday goldenCapitalist
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I don't have a witty retort for this.
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