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For The New Lunar Republic

Inspired by both Makkon's and NotClev's songs about the Lunar Rebublic. Both phenomenal pieces of music.

NotClev's song: [link]
Makkon's song: [link]

So yeah, enjoy some graffitied NLR emblem on your wallpaper.

Render for the NLR Emblem came from [link]
Any problems and I'll take this one down and switch it out for another [less cool] NLR Emblem.
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DjLunarScratch's avatar
I was just wondering if its okay if I use this as a base for the cover art of my new song; I will credit you in the description if thats okay? :3
(I saw you said yes to someone else but I didn't want to be rude and assume ^^) 
SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
Go for it, just credit me in the description.
DjLunarScratch's avatar
Thanks so much! :3
theeviltedd's avatar
Nice job. Though, one funny thing about the symbol, no offence, Im lunar, too, but it looks like a cleavage.
Afalahs's avatar
I'm really in love with the gritty style you have here. Would you be cool with me using it as the base for some graphics for my upcoming song? A link will of course be provided to give you credit
SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
I'm totally fine with that. I have some blank gritty grunge wallpapers in some wallpaper packs buried in my gallery folder, if you wanna go ahead and mess with some more.
Afalahs's avatar
Thanks, I'll get to work on making the image now.

I might come back for more stuff, your style is very fitting for my music :)
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Hello SandwichDelta, 

First of Thank you for the Great Wallpaper, i use it on almost all my devices ! 
I was just wandering if you sill have the work file, and if you can make a 1920x1080 version?

SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
This is a 1920x1080 version though. I almost always work in that aspect ratio and size.
l4rsinator's avatar

Oh sorry my bad i ment 1920x1200. 16/10 not 16/9 would be awesome

SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
Yeah I never work in 16:10.
l4rsinator's avatar
i just will use the other one then, thankies for that :3
You should so make a a transparent back with this on it instead of you seeing the wall behind it.
SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
I'm not quite sure what you mean, though if I'm deciphering your sentence right, you mean Emkay's original vector:
What i meant is you can see what appears to be a wall behind it. you should make that transparent, so that like if i printed it out full page on transparent paper, it would be see through at parts.
SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
Yeah I don't think so, that would make it easy for people to take the design and sell it on t-shirts, taking all the profit for themselves. I already have to deal with scammers selling my wallpapers as poster prints.
I was just gonna use it as a decal on ROBLOX and make it loke a poster to put up in my game called "Canterlot [CAPITOL CITY]" Which is for my Equestria group.
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I got inspired to make a song from this picture:

In the video, I used this picture. You have full credit.
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One of the coolest wallpapers I've ever seen. Awesome job.
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Hi. I'm an idiot when it comes to technology and I was wondering if there was any way I am able to download this onto my new tablet in order to make it my new background pic. Can anyone offer assistance?
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Woohoo, you passed the 10.000 views.
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