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What is this place filled with so many wonders? It's your goddam desktop, that's what it is.

Based on the song by PinkiePieSwear of the same name: [link]

Textless version: [link]

Vector by: [link]
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I think she says 'so much wonder' instead of what people say 'deep white/wide bell wonder'
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Well, it's about time! Filly Fluttershy is better than no Fluttershy. My friend will be happy to see this. Thank you very much for making it!
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I dun like this style D:
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Because you're fat.
sunblaze32's avatar
And you're a troll. go back to your hole and stay there.
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It's awesome when people take sarcasm towards a friend seriously.
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She was so cute when she was a filly!
SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
They're ALL cute when they're fillies (especially Dashie). =D
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Ha Ha! wallpaper slideshow is now 0% more adorable!
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I lol'd at the description!
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Love the song. Love this picture :)
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OMG so awesome :la: ttly my new wallpaper <3 (my screen is a bit squarish though ^^;)
I found this song not so long ago and I thought it was boring but then I fell in love with it :lol:
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I love fluttershy XD And I absolutely love the song too. I remember when I first listened to the remix a long time ago. I was all like :iconimhighplz: :iconsaysplz: OH GOD WHAT IS THIS HEAVENLY MUSIC? I MUST HAVE IT ON MY MP3 ASAP!!!!
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Haha me too. PPS was one of the first brony musicians I ever heard. I found him through Celestia Radio and went to check out his stuff.
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