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Ezio Scootatore Wallpaper

Because Scootaloo is best pony. Especially when she is assassin pony.

Render for Scootaloo came from [link]
Any problems and I'll take this one down and switch it out for another [less cool] Scootaloo.
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Totally making this a fanfiction!
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But..but.. Octavia is Ezio.
MidnightWave's avatar
Here we go, I think this one looks better than the new one you made.
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It makes perfect sense, her parents are never there, so they were killed by corrupted government, and she must find her way to get revenge over the next few years, using the techniques of an assassin.
bugsydor's avatar
Stalkerloo is best Chicken Assassin.
RogueDarkJedi's avatar
Yes. Fucking yes. This is awesome.
xrwarramen's avatar
I am a colt and what is this.
Creshosk's avatar
I love the way this has evolved.
Hasbro makes the initial shot, Grendo vectors it, Nadia puts the outfit on and you make this awesome wallpaper of it.

Just boom! Epic Scoots.

SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
I bet it won't stop here. Someone might use this in a video or something. It's happened before. It's amazing how this community just keeps evolving the fanart.
Randomly-Artistic's avatar
One word.... Awesome. :3
serpenttao04's avatar
Fricking epic on so many levels

Her cutie mark is a hidden blade
Keimori's avatar
Soo...the way i see this is, scootaloo has her cutie mark, it isthe Assassin 'A' but she covers it up to hide the fact that shes a master Assassin, it all makes sence now!
TheGAndPTrixie's avatar
Scoot is my 2nd Favorite pony under Trixie :D
Brave3's avatar
Just amazing and im a huge fan of AC :D
LlamasWithKatanas's avatar
RecluseStar's avatar
Just found my new wallpaper
thewickedrainbow's avatar
So if scootsloo is Ezio that means Rainbow Dash is Altair
MrFreakins's avatar
haha, nice one!
R-B-D's avatar
I can die peacefully now.
haidere678's avatar
Scootaloo fans unite!
Sullimand's avatar
my life is complete
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