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fluttershy's new friend

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hmmm... maybe not such a good idea trying to be "Friends" with one of those, especially if its not debeaked.

but no ones seems to have told fluttershy of what those things do so... expect flying zombie pegasus pony yeah! JABBA MY ICING...
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Uh oh...
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TheDoubleDeucedHobbyist General Artist
Nice knowing ya, Fluttershy
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HarryCreeperStudent Artist
NOOOO! That's Head crap! run away!
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Lamar is that you !
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hey.  Out of curiosity, do you mind if I use this as cover art for a story on Fimfiction?  Standard deal, I'd put a credit to you for it in authors notes and I'm not making a dime off it......or even a penny for that matter......
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MephilesTheDark2182Student Traditional Artist
AGH! Head Crabz!! RUUUUUNZZZ!!!!
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get away from that thing fluttershy. the thing can kill u
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TwilightSparksStudent Digital Artist
FLUTTERSHY!!!!!! you made a new friend
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TheyCallMeSageHobbyist Traditional Artist

Not one but two exceptionally adorable creatures:heart:
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is that thing a necromorph?
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Sandwich-AnomalyHobbyist Digital Artist
no its a headcrab from half life
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TailsicaTFoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Umm... I-I forgot what that things called..... XD
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so thats were lammar landed...
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roman11777Student Traditional Artist
Uh, I don't think that's lamarr.
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freaking head humpers... get that thing away from me
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TheBeckmanatorHobbyist Digital Artist
Don't let it smell your fear...
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Spartan545Student General Artist
Dr Klienir: Lamarr, there you are!!
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bubblegumTAWOGHobbyist Digital Artist
is that a facehugger?!
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nope. a head crab
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bubblegumTAWOGHobbyist Digital Artist
Never heard of those..
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headcrabs is a kind of animals found in the series of games called half life. maybe you could find more about it by yourself :P
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bubblegumTAWOGHobbyist Digital Artist
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Looks like a headcrab from half-life 2
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