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EDITED: OKAY... Now that im mostly awake and kinda off the caffeine for a bit i think... And dont quote me on this, i can do a better description than the one i did last night.

right, gonna keep it simple. Now this version of nick and judy, not shipped together but only as friends and partners version, finds all the romantic fuzzy warm lovey dovey stuff within the Internet and probably even more rule 34 of each other which makes judy basically... Speak in tongues or something. Nick doesnt care as much... He just enjoys seeing judy freak out at the creative glory of the internet.

still though i am all for shipping these two hard, like Maersk shipping lines hard. And soon enough i will submit or draw those pieces. Oh just you wait... Also have to remind myself that i still have my own characters to draw... Must not forget about them
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wait till she see images of their kids

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It WILL happen everyday.

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I watched zootopia recently and one of the deleted scenes Judy's dad asked if is Nick her boyfriend. Neither denied or confirmed it. 
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Ahahahahahahahaha! XD
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Judy is freaked out by all of this, but Nick on the other hand seems to not give a shit as he's likely seen stuff like this before.
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I love how Nick is so unfazed by all of this.
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“Never let them see that it gets to you”
                                 -Nick Wilde
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Pretty much sums up the internet, I learned to accept it and my friend thinks I'm weird afterward, I regret nothing.
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"FurAffinity? What's that?"
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nick be like damn these 'shipping' arts make me look handsome and masculine
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Usually neither is Nick too masculine nor Judy too  feminine. In fact, sometimes Judy can be stronger.
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"Creative glory of the internet"
Yeah , very creative xD
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Oh trust me it gets real creative with so many different kinds of shipping... All sorts of shipping
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Judy gon' have some 'mares soon lol
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Literally, Zootopia is how I discovered the fandom in the first place. At first, I totally got it wrong. I believed all that shit about it being a bunch of perverts, but I eventually learned more about it and eventually realized that I was one too. 
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