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Choose your starter: Chespin

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do you feel that? thats me going straight to pokemon hell... for what i am about to do... sort of.

this little piece has been sitting on my to do folder for a while now ever since i first mentioned it i think around the end of last year. First Chespin! one of the started pokemon one chooses in i dont know what pokemon it came from. before you start asking its a SHE she just has a flat chest. to me it sort of feels right y'know. some people like that stuff. right now i shall work on the other two starters and hope you guys like what ive done. if you got a problem with what i have done you can speak to me after i come back from the Zone!
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looking for different female starter
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Believe it or not, Chespin was my actual first choice because I felt sorry for it being made fun of as the third wheel starter of gen 6. XD
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I choose you Chespin
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i am so pissed off 
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Daaaaang!  I choose you!  I actually picked Chespin as my starter.  Mostly cause my 2 friends picked Fennekin and Froakie.  Though if Chespin looked like that in the game.  Ya!  I would have picked it no matter what my friends picked.  Cute and meets my special interests.  :D  That and she looks so energetic and spunky.  Defiantly good qualities for your starter.  You want her to be ready to battle and train hard.  

Then she would hook up later with a Cute Eevee boy who would evolve into a Leafeon just so he could be with her  (well more compatible).  Before he would do that though they would have an argument about their future and brake up for a month.  She would see a arrogant punk Servine against my wishes.  So I would work hard to help the Eevee find a rare leaf stone.  He would declare his love for as he evolves in front of her and the Servine.  The Servine would end up picking a fight with Leafeon, but would loose.  Cause Leafeon had more to prove.  Chespin would see that she really did love him and fly into his arms.  Together they would stay and we would rise to the top of the elite four.

Ya!  What a team they would make.  :D  Lena and Evon!

P.S. - Lena would always carry a everstone stone around her neck until she reaches lv 100.  She likes how she looks after seeing evolved forms of herself and the face that Evon made.  She choose to stay the same for herself and for her love.  
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Alternate speech: NOTICE ME SENPAI!
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Oh yeah... I notice her. Oh so much...
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she's a keeper for sure
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This is one of the cutest Chespin pics I’ve ever seen!
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always preferred the small girls anyways :heart:
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Stop forcing women to be sex toys!!!!!!!!!
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yes i would like to say shut up
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Great work! :la:

I like flat chests XD
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What ARE you?! O__o
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Girl... Chespin... Pokemon... Deal with it!
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Just wait for fennekin... You might like em
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are you also planning to work on Froakie?
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of course... just wait you'll see
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ok i am looking forward to see MY personal favourite
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