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Buy Me a Coffee at

This is my Ko-fi if you would like to support whatever it is I do consider dropping a buck or two in the tip jar. Im also posting in there as well just in case Deviantart thinks ive offended some very sensitive people.

Commission Advertising Check em out yeah!

Clean slate yeah: here are some people who do great work!

Update for her commissions. GO NOW! she does some real good work!

Info/Pre-Pose comms: Commissions Closed
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If anyone could share this journal and help me advertise it, I would GREATLY appreciate it! <3 THANK YOU!

[[ Notes ]]
[[ If you have any questions, please note me or leave a message, I will reply to you as soon as I can! xx ]]
[[ These Prices may change over time, please keep in mind that if they lower I will not give you back your money if you have already received your Commission.  ]]

[[ Notes 2 ]]
- I Will draw any Species / Gender(I'm not fussed what they are tbh.)
- I will draw minor NSFW(Nudity, slight Nudity)
- I will draw up to 2 characters per Commission(You may buy more than one.)
- Please allow 2-3 weeks for Commissions to be completed(Sometimes, they will be done within a day or so.)


A good friend of mine has opened commissions. go look her up she does great work. believe me you should get one from her. DO EET NAOW!


Hello! I've actually gotten curious. I've seen tons of artists come around and do commissions and I was wondering, if I were to open mine, how many people would ACTUALLY be interested? Things have gotten super hard for me and I'm wondering about other ways to make money. My paycheck this coming week i'm estimating to be around 200 dollars and I have rent coming up soon... $350. I'm wondering what I'm going to do and commissions seems to be the only solution I can come up with. I'll do them dirt cheap too, considering I draw pretty fast and I think the quality of the art is pretty decent. So if you're interested just let me know... I'll come up with the prices below!
Comic Page Style - $10 ( 1000 :points: )

a nice guy. does some good work yeah why not give him a try as well...

Price Sheet: Commission Price Sheet by spdy4

she does some fine work for fairly affordable prices. also she needs some help so why not ask her for some yeah

Commission Sheet: Commision Price Sheet by iCirculate-Sound

She does great digital work and for very low prices. highly recommend you commission her! GO NAOW! NACHO CHIP!

Info/Journal page:…

a good friend of mine who does great pieces i personally recommend commissioning him. he takes both points and paypal. *UPDATED*

Info/Journal page:

this person is a pretty damn good artist yeah. go check her out the prices are pretty reasonable for something of this quality. Artist is asking for people to commission her to pay for her University so help hey yeah
COMMISSION journalIf you do not like the following terms I apologize, but it is how I do commissons for  now, and how I work :)
The things that I find the hardest to draw are usually mecha related, too detailed backgrounds and logos.
I avoid drawing too weird stuff that make me or other people feel too uncomfortable, some horror and gore related stuff is acceptable though.
If I feel like the request might make me uncomfortable I will let you know,  and try and see if there are other possibilities so that you can still get a piece you enjoy and I feel comfortable about.
No porn, nudes racism or other extreme things
I will also avoid drawing sexual images, kinky stuff, anything that is more erotic
LINEART - £8- for each extra character ---> +£4
LINE & COLOR - £12 - for each extra character ---> +£6

Spoopy YCH of the NSFW variety

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2018, 4:43 AM
to anyone who is interested i am also doing a NSFW sort of thing with that giant pumpkin. if you want to get it the bidding has begun over there for it 

come on over and take a look at the rest of my NSFW gallery 


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LeBichou Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thx for the watch =)
R8A1Renegade Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Love your style!!! Have a Llama on me! X)
DillyDraws1 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey mate! How are you doing?
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siento que me concurso de Dragon Ball te pego te secuestro y te vendo por y te vendo por Ebay
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BaronVonAaron783 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
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CuteCushion Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2018   General Artist
Adorable artworks. Keep at it. ^^
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GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2018
Was looking for something in my gallery, 
and saw this thing from 2015,
back before I was properly using my scrap folder.
Military Raid Casualties by GeneralDurandal
I was like, oh yeah, that really sucked.
Started remembering times in the Zone.

What was the worst day for you in the zone?
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amen95 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2018
How have you been?

Sorry I don't talk much, i'm not a very social person.

I saw that SCP symbol on that Akko art.
Was wondering if that's some sort of tease that you'll be doing SCP art soon.
If you are, i'd like to make a request.
SCP-001 The Gate Guardian
But looking like Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto from Bleach.
When I first read the Gate Guardian's thing It reminded me of him.
(1 Reply)
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