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This contains fart fetish material. You have been warned.

The door burst open as me and Jessica walked in, hot and tired from our run. "Man! It was hot outside!" she said as she began removing her shoes.

"Yeah" I said between exhausted pants. "Crap! I forgot the AC is broken. Damn" she pointed out. "I know!" She said, as all of a sudden she began removing her clothes. She dressed down all the way to her underwear. "Ahhh, that's better" she said in relief. "You should take off your clothes too" she said.

"Nah, I'm good" I told her as I removed my running shoes.

"Suit yourself. I'm getting something to eat" She said as she began walking to the kitchen. I followed her.

She grabbed a plate and set it out. "I'm making a cheese sandwich. Want one?" she asked as she took the bread from the breadbox and then took a pack of swiss cheese from the fridge.

"Yes please" I said, taking a seat at the table. She finished making the sandwiches, and brought them to the table, placing one in front of her, and sliding the other plate to me. She sat down, and, still in her underwear took a seat and began eating. She took a bite, chewed, swallowed, and pushed out a long fart into the chair below her.


The huge fart roared out of her ass in her thin blue panties and echoed against the hard plastic chair. She was so used to farting, she let them out effortlessly, almost never showing signs of relief such as sighing or sinking in her seat. She just let them rip everywhere. As I sniffed the air, the smell surprised me. It was really eggy, with hints of vegetable, garbage and beef, as well as her typical brand, which was probably the worst smelling part of her fart besides the rotten egg. But what was surprising was the cheesy smell that accompanied her typical scent. Her farts were only cheesy when she had eaten cheese, but she had only eaten the cheese about half a minute before farting. It was incredible how fast she processed that. That was Jessica for you. I was really used to her farts, as she had farted around me a million times.

That fart was much bigger than normal. "Been holding that in a while?" I asked between bites.

"Yeah, usually I'd just let them out on our runs, but we were in an area with alot of people, and I didn't want to subject them to that" she exclaimed.

"That's never stopped you before" I reminded her.

"Yeah, but I could tell this one was pretty bad, and I would feel bad" She said.

"There's a first for everything" I said.

"Shut up!" she said giggling. We finished our sandwiches and chatted some more.

"I'm going to watch some tv" I told her.

"I'll come in a minute" she told me as she got up and left. I changed into my pajamas and went downstairs to the couch and watched tv.

I knew she was getting changed, most likely into a new pair of underwear. When we were at home, she pretty much only wore pajamas or underpants. Whenever I'd watch tv, she would always come down, only in her underwear and just sit beside me on the couch with a casual "whatcha watchin?". Usually that would be suceeded by a large fart, with many more to come. This couch had probably had over a million Jessica farts ripped on it. The only guidelines and prohibitions for farts that she ever set for herself was when she was in public.

As I predicted, she came downstairs in red underpants. Red bra, red panties, and that's it. Again, just like clockwork, she sits down beside me, and asks "Watcha watchin". I was watching a new show called artscape, in which artists have thirty seconds to start painting, and their teammate has to figure out what they started and filled in the rest. I was watching the second members of the teams try and figure out their partners painting. "It's called artscapes. Artists only have about thirty seconds to begin a painting, and their partner has to guess what it is and finish it" I told her.

"Sounds cool" she said. And as usual, she pushed a long fart out onto the couch.


"God damn that was a good one" she said.

"You're gross" I told her sarcastically.

"Damn right!" she said with a proud smile. We watched for a while, she farted, and we shared some laughs when a painter couldn't get a really obvious one. We watched as the buzzer rang, and Jessica burst out laughing as the camera cut to the first painter with his hand on his face shaking his head in disappointment. "I can't believe he didn't get that! Man that was hilarious" she said. We headed upstairs and got into bed. "Night" she said.

"Night" I responded. We turned off the lights, and as we lay in the dark, going to bed, it wasn't long before a fart was pushed out under the covers.


Since she slept facing towards the door her butt was pointed in my direction, the fart was blown directly onto me. She farted alot in her sleep too, so I also woke up perfumed in her farts alot. I felt the hot gas blow against me. The smell began seeping out of under the blanket, and it was disgusting. I could deal with it as I've smelled worse from her, but it was very unpleasant all the same. she giggled when the smell hit her. "Oh wow, have fun with that over there" she said maniacally. Even in a situation like this I always smiled whenever she was happy. We really were the perfect couple.

It was 7 am. Jessica always woke up before me. She would always turn off the alarm early and use her farts to wake me. This was one of those mornings. I know what she did, because she would always laugh and tell me what she did. She carefully pulled the covers over my head. Once I was fully under, she took her butt, and scooched over towards me. She got so close to me, I could feel the warmth radiating off her ass, but she wasn't quite touching me. She tilted her butt up a little bit, and farted.


This fart was massive. She usually had massive morning farts, but this was something else.

"My god!" I yelled as I shot up and out of the covers. I looked over and saw she was laughing with the back of her hand over her mouth, almost like she was almost trying to cover up the fact she was laughing at me. "Was that real?" I asked, in shock.

"Yup!" she said before proceeding to giggle again. "Oh god!" she yelled as she quickly leaned away and began laughing harder. The smell. It was disgusting. Even worse than her typical dutch oven, straight to the face morning farts. Her brand and rotten egg dominated the smell. "Quite the way to start your day, huh?" she said with a smile.

"Yeah..." I said, still in shock from that fart.

She got up, and put on her clothes. I got up and got dressed as well, as the smell of the fart began to fade. We went downstairs and ate breakfast. I had breakfast sausage and she had eggs, which didn't bode well for me. As well as the wake up fart. She would often fart on me after kissing me before we left. We got up, and walked over the door. She put on her shoes, we kissed, and here it comes. She turned around and pushed out a fart on me.


It was only medium in length, as she got most of her gas out with that big one before, but the eggs made the smell of sulfur nauseating. She smiled at me and kissed me again. "Bye" she said waving. "Bye" I responded with a wave. She left for work, and I would too, soon. And when we came home, it would only be a matter of time before we would both be home again, and the farts would start up again. Oh how I loved her.
I'm going to be honest here, it was hard for me to write this story, because the way I always pictured Jessica's character when thinking about what story to write was as sexual, in a manner of speaking. I'm going to try and avoid that kind of thing. I'm going to put it out there now that being pretty sexual is in Jessica's personality, but you probably won't see me write about it. Just a bit of character info. Also, This main character is ambiguous in personality, and doesn't have a name. Partly first person.
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