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Jedi Sentinel Consular [SFM] by Sandstorm-Arts Jedi Sentinel Consular [SFM] by Sandstorm-Arts
Jedi Sentinel Consulars are Jedi Sentinels and Jedi Consulars combined. They would use Green and Yellow/Orange Lightsabers.

For the Consulars who use Green crystals in their Lightsabers, they mainly focus on Force abilities and using negotiation to solve conflicts. Their main goal is to not use their weapon, but they will not hesitate to use them. Jedi Consulars have typically much more stronger Force abilities than Jedi Guardians, but their skills with the Lightsaber are usually not quite as proficient.

Jedi Sentinels who use Yellow/Orange Lightsaber crystals usually focus on other abilities, such as tracking, technology, surveillance, and espionage. Their goal is to seek out and destroy traces of the Dark Side of the Force. They rarely operate at the Jedi Temple, usually going under cover in situations.

Location of Green Lightsaber Crystals: Ilham.
Location of Yellow/Orange Lightsaber Crystals: Unknown.

Source Filmmaker
Adobe Photoshop CC
Flaming Text

Sunset Shimmer from Steam Workshop:…
Pip-Boy, Candle, Rocks from TF2

Candle Light from TF2 Particles
Sky Particle from Expialidocious Skies on Steam Workshop:…

Ponyville from Steam Workshop:…
GokuMartin Featured By Owner Edited Apr 21, 2018
Rey: A Sentinel Consular? That's the position a Jedi takes when he or she is about-

Sunset Arturia:-to die. The wounds I received fighting Kylo Ren...are fatal. It is time for me to become one with the Force. That's why I gave you the Journal of the Whills. are the Last Jedi. It is your destiny to save the galaxy from the First Order...and to defeat Kylo Ren. Either by redemption...or by lightsaber blade. Read the passage I bookmarked. Learn from Master Qi'ra's experiences. the Force...

*Sunset Arturia vanishes as she dies, leaving behind her clothes, which fall to the floor, empty*

*Rey cries silently, then opens the Journal of the Whills and begins reading*

Rey: "It all started on Corellia, on the dawn of the coldest autumn. The pod race was about to begin..."
GreenMint4265 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2017
I saw this pic on Derpibooru. This is how I found you on here. :)

And Sunset looks definitely calm and relaxed while learning on how to use the Force. :D Looks very interesting. Plus the effects you made in this Poster looks very good. ^^

Awesome Job! :goodjob: revamp 
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