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louder than god's revolver and twice as shiny

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Eskiworks, Arvalis, GaudiBuendia
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Godzilla, Jurassic Park Series, Surf's Up, Ghibli films
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MLP:FiM, Digimon, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil
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The Used, P!atD, Paramore, My Chemical Romance
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Huion Q11K, Watercolour Pencils & Paints
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anthro, lizards, prehistoric animals, dragon, koi, comics, plants, stones, alchemy, astronomy, astrology

IMPORTANT - Commissions Closed

IMPORTANT - Commissions Closed

Commissions closed for the foreseeable future. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will be unable to take commissions right now. I hope to be open again by summer at the latest! This also means I may have to halt all other open journals for game assets, as I will be without a computer and full internet capabilities for an unknown amount of time.
Art Fight 2020! I'm going to be trying to participate in it some this year, but I'll only be able to attack with sketches!

Dino Esk- Show Me Them!

Dino Esk- Show Me Them!

I want to see all the esk whose designs are directly based on dinosaurs! I've been wanting to make a conservatory piece with all the trike-esks together, but more and more I've been wanting to just draw all the dino esks. So if you're okay with your esk being drawn in a huge group of other esk, then please comment with their masterlist link below! And feel free to add any accompanying tracker links that may help me better portray them if you wish. This could end up being a pretty big project for me, depending on how many esk get offered for it, so it may take a while to complete. I at least won't be starting it until after the Natura Humana event. There is currently no deadline to submit your esk! This isn't fully up-to-date with all the dino-esk on my list, but it's a good idea of how I want to draw it! I originally wanted to do a panorama, but I may end up making it taller rather than wider.

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which gecko species fit well with siamese cat and which lizard group fit well with scent hounds and sight hounds
SandScalesHobbyist General Artist
I think a house gecko would also work for a siamese cat. At that point you could put more of the cat's colors and patterns on it instead of the gecko's, since house geckos tend to be a little bland in patterning.

As for sight/scent hounds, my first thought was skinks and runners, but monitor lizards may be more suited to that mix. Runners would probably still make a good mix though, with skinks working for short-legged breeds like corgis or datsuns.
which lizard species suit well with herding dogs 
SandScalesHobbyist General Artist
My apologies for such a late reply! I thought about it though, and I think some of the agamid lizards would work for herding breeds. My original concept was the beardie-pyrenese cross. I think Uromastyx would cross well with the larger breeds like the St Bernard.
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are still open for commissions?
can you redraw the field notes 
do you remember the field notes from ArgyleStreet?

Swamp Tarasque by ArgyleStreet

Hermit Turtlecrabs by ArgyleStreet

Bearded Dragon Dog by ArgyleStreet