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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 18, 2011, 1:28 AM
It's Been A Long Time

I think that by now everyone who has written about the quake has done so, thus I really feel no need to continue on that path.  Suffice to say that it sucked, but being in Tokyo (I moved back in November) means that -- while the tremors are still happening, they aren't so bad at the moment.  What's tops on my mind would be the nuclear plants up north.  Even then there isn't that much for those in Tokyo to worry about.  Probably flying back home for vacation would net me more radiation than staying put.    On that subject, radiation isn't even much of an issue where I'm sitting.  It's not Chernobyl.  Anywho, things are going just fine for now and the stores are magically empty-ish.  

I've been meaning to get back to the arts and stuff, but I'm so busy these days I almost don't have time to even sleep.  Still, for what it's worth, thanks for all of the great comments.  I'm trying to check up on them when I can.  Much appreciated.

Finally, a special thanks to :iconmelikeacar: for a fantastic message she sent to my family and myself.  Words cannot express.  Be sure to take a look at her fantastic gallery!


Free Loot Equals Win!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 10, 2009, 10:18 PM

So I was coming back from some marathon training yesterday (only just started) and settled into the old house when a ring at the door came.  I didn't remember ordering anything but the post lady had shown up just the same.  Asking me to sign something and then handing me an envelope, she then commented that it looks like I'm going to get a little cash from Taro Aso's plan.  Wow, ...what a haul!  It's not a terribly gigantic amount of loot -- probably about $120.00 at the current exchange rate, but hey why not.  I could use this to fund the purchase of a PG Astray, get some expensive sushi, or just throw it in the bank and let it sit.  

Watching the news, pretty much everyone who lives in Japan, excludes visitors apparently, are getting a wee bit of cash.  Anyone getting moneys from the government where you live?  And if so what are you planning to do with it?



Journal Entry: Mon Feb 16, 2009, 5:00 AM

In case anyone happened to have commented on that phantom post a few hours back, I'm sorry about that.  I was diddling around at work on some css during lunch break and I suppose that I pressed the wrong thing at some point.  I hadn't realized that I submitted absolutely nothing.  I found it hilarous that people commented on a blank journal entry.  Thanks for the comments guys.

Back to the subject at hand.  I was doodling around with the Sinanju mesh and thought about an advertisement I had seen for the KA Sinanju and Unicorn MG's in the back of a magazine I had seen I thought about getting a render out with some similarity to it and the above header image popped up (after a few hours).  Anyhoo, just messing around with some CSS.  I'll try to update the design a little more.  Just a skeleton at the moment.


Holy Cow!!  So I'm finding altered versions of what exist in the ol gallery on the net!!  To which I immediately think:  should I be happy that someone thought they would like to credit jack one of my images or should I be pissed that the credit was denied in the first place.

Not sure, but I'll probably end up using more evasive ideas from here on out.  It's not that I think what I've done is "all that", but at least a little credit would be nice....cripes!

In the images below, thankfully the credit-jacker did a shoddy job of covering it up.  Other images besides these are actually more believable because the logo is in "dead space"

strike freedom strike freedom

While I'm sure the vast majority of deviants here are well meaning, my hope is/was that if people snatch up an image from the gallery that people could AT LEAST leave the logo.  Not to sound uppity but this is just one good reason why I'll never allow any meshes I've made meshes into public domain.  At the same time, it's part of the reason I have a blog, to backup the claim that I've made these things.  I can't see someone blindly posting that they've made one of these but have nothing to back it up.

Anyway, just shaking up the journal that I never write in...

The usual FAQ

Gundam is (c) Bandai/Sunrise /Sotsu Agency
.... and it wasn't bad.  Apparently the Gundam00 premier is showing across small stages in Japan in the month of September and the 16th was my day to see it (as I live in AOMORI).  My wife took some pictures of the event since I was too chicken to do it.  The premier was just the first episode, the "making of" and the director's/singers comments.  I have a small spoiler about the episode at this link Titans Test Team Arc forum.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the rest of this show as the first episode was pretty action packed and looked really good animation wise.  It's effectively removed my apprehension about the series thus far.  A lot of eye candy too.  

FAQ Here</a>

How's my driving?

Gundam is (c) Bandai/Sunrise [sho nuff]

Epyon is not on the list

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 31, 2007, 4:19 PM
Some coolness that people decided to spread...

:thumb60964578:  :thumb58204488:  :thumb58205303:

:thumb52542001:  :thumb59333110:

Strike Freedom Wallpaper v2 by Saikuso   Strike Freedom Wallpaper by Saikuso

**Ever Changing Mobile Weapons List**

Gerbera (GP04)
Blossom (GP00)
Gerbera Tetra
** TURN A **
** TURN X **

FAQ Here</a>

How's my driving?

Gundam is (c) Bandai/Sunrise [sho nuff]


Lightwave 3D 8.3, modo, Hexagon, Photoshop, MX Studio

2) WILL YOU RELEASE YOUR FINISHED MODELS TO THE PUBLIC? (or "Can I have 'n' Mobile suit that you've made?")
This one is asked probably the 2nd most. Unfortunately (and bluntly), I currently have no plans to release any models into public domain. My mind may change in the future when the animations are complete or I'm bored to tears of making them, but for now, this answer remains solid.  If you are in dire need, there are various models that other people have made of gundams - or things that look like them - on sites like turbosquid that are download-able.

3) You should make a Transformers/Armored Core/Eureeka 7/Evangelion/Super Robot Wars/Metal Gear...etc/ Mech!
Interesting that people suggest this even though none of these are part of the "Gundam Development Project". This basically means that I "should not" make them.

(This question is derived from a myriad of other queries)

Out of every question or email sent to me about building these things, this seems to be the overlying question. Often enough others like, "how do you make 'such-and-such' body part", and ,"I'm stuck on XX thing". These all end up relating to the same question, so I'll just stick to this. I don't often have much time to hang out in front of my desk and dump this information out and now is no different so I'll just try to give a brief explanation.

First off, the one thing that I have to say would be the best in helping to model a mobile suit (or probably anything in 3D) is to have a plastic/smaller/whatever version in front of you so you can see it. Obviously this isn't necessary for many people, but it is for me. Trying to decipher proper dimensions from some image that I saw on the internet at a strange angle isn't exactly my forte. Some people are quite good at it (maybe you too), but I'm not. To that end, virtually every 3D model I've made has had a plastic counterpart that I've at least seen, taken pictures of, or was profiled in a magazine. I'm not saying that "you" have to go get a plastic model to do any of this, however ascertaining whether or not this is the best strategy for you based on your current situation is a good start. If you need a model/toy/physical reference but don't want to pay goo-gobs for a brand new one, options like online auction houses for cheapies are a nice alternative to expensive references that you may never use or build on your own. Do this at your own risk.

Second, you may want/need to find some diagrams of whatever it is you want to model. Gundam "blueprints" normally come from Master Grade 1/100 and Perfect Grade 1/60 plastic model kits. They're usually a treasure trove of information on the relative scale of each (major) part of the mobile suit, although some kits have better prints than others. Alternatively, some (Japanese) hobby magazines may also publish info and possibly cg prints of the mobile suit in question. For example, the February 2006 edition of Dengeki Hobby Magazine has a an insert pamphlet with details on various versions of the Hazel Gundam... this includes orthographic views of the High Grade kit which may be very helpful. Other sites tend to include secondary information on products so that customers can see what's in the box. Places like and 1999 have scans of some of the blueprints from the instruction manuals that I mentioned earlier. This definitely helps if you don't want to purchase the plastic models/toys or don't have a scanner (wish I had one myself).

5) ARE YOU MAKING THESE FOR A GAME (like Quake,Doom, etc)
No: Too many polygons

For right now, this is a one person obsession team. This is unlikely to change.

7)Are you Japanese?
No.  You'd think my name would be a pretty good indicator on that one.

8) Can you make a mech that I've created?
Sorry, but at this point time is against me.

9) Do you do commissions?
Sorry, not available for commissions at the moment.


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