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Zeta Gundam: Variable Form



Alright. Finally another submission. Unfortunately I took too long modelling this machine so I'll have to jump ahead to the next machine without a proper scene for this one for right now. So this is Zeta Gundam in both Waverider form and Mobile Suit form. This particular computer model is based off of the 1/100 Master Grade (version 1) of the same name, with other reference images used to model detail. My biggest regrets are that
1) Transformation from one form to the other is relatively complicated. My computer didn't like doing it.
2) Polygon count is waaay to high, probably due to my impatience in wanting to finish it, but also to the fact that there are so many moving pieces.

Software: Lightwave 8.3 (modelling/ rendering), Macromedia Freehand (logos).

Gundam is (c) Banda/Sunrise/Sotsu Agency.
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honestly, i partially refer to this as Macross Gundam, just cuz of the transformation mode, just for me