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Unicorn Gundam - Delta Plus



Series: Kidou Senshi GUNDAM UC (Unicorn) (Novel Series)
Mobile Suits Illustrated in the Image: Unicorn Destroy Mode , Delta Plus (Shuttlecock shaped Mobile Armor / Mobile Suit)

Playing around. Got far enough with the Delta Plus, or so I believe. I took a few guesses with the design based on what information I've been able to gather on it. The frame is based on the Hyaku Shiki and Zeta Gundam's combined because that's basically what I rebuilt to create this, but I rigged it like the Zeta Gundam by basically cutting and pasting the finished parts of the Delta Plus over the Zeta Gundam mesh - minimalizing the build time. As the FIX DESIGN profile suggested, I armed the machine with the Full Armor Hyaku Shiki's beam rifle. But the shield for the Delta Plus isn't in any illustration I've seen, so I created an ad-hoc shield based on the Delta Gundam's shield using the Zeta and Shinanju's shields as starting points and altering them enough to look "about right". Unfortunately, the profile doesn't specifically mention a shield either -- so I could very well be completely wrong.

The Unicorn Destroy is.... well, the same as last time. But there's one gigantic difference. I had to shrink the size of the machine down to 60% of it's actual size in order to be able to stand on the Delta Plus's hull.

Anyhoo, I heard that the Delta Plus is supposed to be able to withstand re-entry into the earths atmosphere unassisted, so I used this to visualize it -- though I doubt the novel does this. I fudged again. I know what I screwed up on the reentry flames and I'll fix it tonight.

The PG astray showed up today and I'm building it now, so I'm sidetracked. WOOHOO!!!

Software: Lightwave (modeling, rendering), Photoshop (UV/planar texturing, tossin it all in the bowl)

Gundam is (c) Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency

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