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The Chase: Legend Gundam



Series: Gundam Seed Destiny/

ZGMF - X666S
ZGMF(Zero Gravity Meneuver Fighter - X [experimental] 6[DRAGOON system frame] [66th model of that family??] S[Second Series]

So like, a year ago I finished the Strike Freedom and explained that one, but never got around to the Legend. So many things to do that I got sidetracked more times than I can count.

Anyway, this is "supposed" to be Legend. Generally the build is somewhat similar to what Bee-Craft designed in the 1/100 model, but I went off the beaten track by building the machine on top of the Destiny mesh I threw together some months back. In that way, I could retain the MG Destiny's articulation and not have to re-rig everything. The biggest effect is that the stomach is athletic looking compared to Bee-Crafts heftier description. I elongated the head a bit to fit in line with Bee-Crafts MG's -- quite literally the head is built off of an early version of the Strike Noir (again some months back). The lower legs are based on what I did for the Zeta Plus machines in a loose kind of way though the upper legs are very similar to Destiny's.
As far as insignias are concerned, they're somewhat loosely based off of the Cosmic Era figure, though I based some of it off of what I did for the Strike Freedom. In that particular model I gave the (Dragoon) Wings names of Archangels. In that spirit, since the Legend is basically the spiritual antipode of Strike Freedom, and because the machine is given the model number of the beast (ZGMF-X666S, I named the Legend's (Dragoon) Bits off of the the names of some Fallen Angels (or hellish figures). Though some of those names are altered a bit:

Fallen Angel's List -- 1 for each Dragoon bit:
Belias [Belial]
Samalus [Samael]
Leviathan (conical bit on backpack)
Satanus [satan] (conical bit on backpack)
Azazel (on left side of waist)
Ba-al Zebûb [BeezelBub] (on right side of waist)

As far as my interest in the machine goes, it's quite nice. I actually like the Providence a bit more -- probably because I thought the pilot was a good one. The Pilot of Legend (Rey Za Burrel -- Rey Zabrel -- Lazer Barrel?) didn't quite take me in as well as Le Cleuze. Still, the machine's design address a whole host of problems that the original Providence had -- particularly in the backpack.

I'm still trying to perfect the beam shield so cut me some slack.

Ok, I know I've been absent for a while. Laziness....

Software: Lightwave3D (modeling, UV's, rendering) Photoshop (heavy post, UV textures)

Gundam is (c) Bandai/Sunrise/Sotsu Agency
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