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Saviour Gundam: Imperfect MA

Inspired by a macross image....

The transformed version of Saviour. I made a "Saviour Rising" devation when I first came to DA. This is sort of a new play on it. Perhaps it's not much better, but I thought that separating the transformed MA and the humanoid Mobile Suit into different deviations would be better than combining them. Didn't come out that great. Might have to add some missiles, incoming what's its to make it more festive looking.

While I did my best to follow the 1/100 (making tons of guesses based on pics on the net) I took a lot of liberties on it based on what I knew about it's "history" and its "lineage". Hence the transformation itself is "Imperfect" as it relies on a lot of parts that don't necessarily facilitate the transformation shown in the anime or in the plastic versions.

Anyway, I thought about how it might look in color and gave it a whirl. The most bothersome part is the color of the MA itself, as pink/red seem somewhat easy to see. I had mentioned on my blog that a "low visibility" version might be better, but I didn't act on it. I did try to cut it out a bit in photoshop but it doesn't look that great. I may come back to this (I think I say that alot).

Software: Lightwave (modeling, rendering), Photoshop (UV texturing, tossing everything together), Hexagon2 ( UV's)

Gundam is (c) Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency
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Imperfect? That's the Aegis.
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so cool but I wonder why they (as in the movie) made certain gundams pink
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Perfect grade as well, it's a shame that it got badly defeated by Freedom
Saviour in mobile armor mode.
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Wonderful work. Savior is one of my favorite gundams, especially in MA form, and you did it perfectly.
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really love ur works dude
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awwwwwwwwwwww amaaazing :iconeeeeeplz: :faint:

excellent job :clap:
damn it is amazing
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Wow, I've been gone for a long time, but this is simply another amazing work....Wish I could do even a fraction of this skillwork...
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wow amazing :) realy awesome details :D
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Best work ive seen yet. Keep it up man.
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In terms of the Saviour's color based on the 1/100 it is, in my own words a "supreme-fire engine red". It is SUPER freakin' red. Not an ounce of pink, magenta, maroon, and not even crimson. Supreme, ultra... No, wait even better: FINAL-Red. The most intense Perfect Red you ever did see without becoming crimson and carries w/ it a tint of Red-orange.

Hope that helps if you're still trying to get the color right.
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I agree, bro - the models depict the Justice AND Saviour in magenta/pink. Here I was thinking the Justice woulda looked better in "Saviour Gundam Red", and it comes out all 'rosy', so to speak.
IMO, Saviour was just short of a metallic "Flame Red", which is intensely cool.
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Impressive!! That water FX looks so real! :wow:
I don't know too much about gundam, but you make really great images of them! :clap:

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long time no see~
i'm happy to see you~>3<
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great work, we´re missin you
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Nice job on this one, looks like an actual photograph!:thumbsup::D

In many peoples' opinions (including mine), the Saviour's transformation is indeed never at all perfect - way too Kunio Okawara Gundam, kinda like the Wing Gundams, the Gundam Airmasters, or the Raider Gundam.:O
At least the Murasames reuse the Zeta Gundam transformation in a nice way (Project Z FTW!), and that Takayuki Yanase did a very good job on the Kyrios/Arios transformations!:D
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Sorry this is late.
Yes, I fully relate to your comment though. I find far too many similarities between some of the gundams you mentioned and the Saviour. Transformation wise, it seems too simple and obvious. Again, like you said, the zeta series transformations are more to my liking. I'm a little mixed on the Kyrios'.
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