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Infinite Justice Gundam Charge

Series: Gundam Seed Destiny / Destiny Astray / The Edge / etc


After the calamity of the previous bloody valentine war, PLANT received a new chairman in the person of Gilbert Durandal who through his incredible leadership ability created a remarkable revival in the colonies. At the same time however, the reckless power of that leadership stirred the wariness of many who were sensitive to it. After the assassination of Siegel Clyne, the majority of those who held similar ideals as he who had looked up to him turned to his orphaned daughter, Lacus Clyne, as their leader. Separating themselves from PLANT, they constructed in secret a stronghold inside a debris belt in space to escape the watchful eyes of ZAFT -- and their activities continued. Similarly, those in the Earth Union military as well as political and financial world heads who harbored a level of caution in their own tendencies were themselves beginning activities of their own. Before long they united themselves, breaking the barriers of ethnicity and nationality to form the secret armed organization known as “TERMINAL”.

The ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice was a close combat potential mobile suit developed by this TERMINAL. Though the basic design was created by the ZAFT Intigrated Design Bureau, TERMINAL secretly snatched the data away and in their space armory factory in the debris field, they included additional refinements. Though technically the X19A only inherited the ZAFT original call number, the result, despite being called a MOBILE SUIT, was what had evolved to become an unhindered, high efficiency, substantially TERMINAL original MS. The units most prominently featured armament is its detachable and highly maneuverable, flying support lifter – cast from the ZGMF-X09A JUSTICE.

The FATUM-01 Lifter is an evolved version of the FATUM-00 equipped by the X09A. Its main wings have evolved into variable geometry, sweep-wing types while the power output of the thrusters has been greatly improved resulting in more powerful spatial movement. The application of these advancements to the lifter gave the X19A unhampered and ever changing combat ability.

During ZAFT’s development of the X19A, its potential was decided using battle data from the X09A Justice, the pilot of which was Athrun Zala. In a similar vein, TERMINAL adjusted the final specs of the unit with Athrun in mind as the handler. This was due to heavy endorsement by Kira Yamato, who played a lead part in further development of the machine. From the beginning Kira had in mind that his own X20A Strike Freedom and the X19A would take cooperative roles on the field. To allow this, the space battleship ETERNAL is used as the exclusive operational mother ship for the X19A and X20A. The machine itself was handed over to Athrun via the hand of Lacus Clyne, who had escaped from the space debris factory to rescue ORB during its battle with ZAFT. From that point on, the result of the cooperation of these two units was overwhelming, recording brilliant military results in a series of battles until the defeat of the space fortress MESSIAH.

EDIT: fixed some fire issues and played with the IJustice's levels.
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I've been in Osaka for the past few months relaxing and getting into some new projects here and there. Occasionally hitting Tokyo. In between I finally got my other workstation up and running which I'm happy about.

I was never keen on PINK mobile suits --especially the Infinite Justice. I remember back in 2005 when the speculation ran hard on the "KNIGHT JUSTICE" and "SUPER FREEDOM". Using what I could find on the MG Infinite Justice, I tried to rebuild it with help from the Impulse I had built earlier. It didn't come out perfect but I tried to personalize some aspects of it when possible. One was based on the "KNIGHT" label that it used to have. I was thinking "Knights of the Round" and figured on 12 beam weapons instead of what was installed already. The beam boomerangs which had been installed on the Justice Gundam I reinstalled in the Infinite Justice. The shield houses 1 boomerang, but I added a second (it was removed before this render). Like the Unicorn Gundam, I wanted extra beam sabers on the lower arms, but I took those off before this render as well. The backpack was hell to try and get right.

At any rate, I got tired at looking at this thing. It has a few problems I'm going to actually try to resolve in the next few days.

P.S. I loved when the Destiny got it's forarm cut off....

Software: Lightwave (modeling, rendering), Photoshop (UV texturing, throwing everything together again and again and again....)

Gundam is (c) Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency
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So this is where that infamous wallpaper came from