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GP-02: Physalis ver KA WIP

Series: Gundam 0083 - Stardust Memory

I've been really busy as of late and haven't had time to do much of anything. I figured on some interesting ideas and as I knew I wouldn't be home, I just left my machine running all night. I came back today but I have to head out again for Relay Race training so I'll be gone. Here's what the comp spit out.

GP-02: Physalis
The kind of "brother" unit to the GP01 designed and manufactured at roughly the same time and delivered on the same day as the GP01. This machine is one of the few Gundam's ever to feature a tactical nuclear weapon as it's primary source of attack. The warhead is stored in the backpack and delivered via the gigantic cannon hinged on it's right shoulder. The cannon is so large that it has to be stored in 2, one part on the shoulder, and the second (containing the trigger and barrel) in the gigantic shield. This machine is somewhat larger than the GP01 by the grace of it's armor and shield which allows it to withstand the force of a nuclear explosion -- specifically it's own -- as it was assumed that the machine could not escape the blast zone quickly enough. The nuke that is loaded into the GP02 is called a "Mark-82" though I don't recall the specific payload of the warhead if it was ever mentioned. It is, however extremely quick and agile thanks to the abundant vernier attached to it's booster binders. Regardless, it was large enough to destroy a gigantic chunk of the Federation fleet when it was stolen by Zeon remnants and used against the Federation.

I used a bunch of references for this, but I tried to stick with the GP02 designed by Katoki Hajime in his GFF series of figures. Unfortunately, the figure stands a bit squat so I had to level that out in the mesh. Some details are lifted from the larger (MG) plastic model version as well. The cannon pictured is NOT the Nuclear Cannon but a Beam Bazooka -- an alternate creation by Katoki. Presumably the cannon can be used more than once in the video games. I'm not actually sure about games anymore.

There are a few things that were supposed to be in here, but seem not to have made the final cut for some reason. The GP01 is supposed to be in the background as are some canyon like peaks. Must have screwed up in the fog somewhere. The mesh is a bit too sharp in some places meaning I forgot to turn smoothing on and there's a lot of noise in the darker areas. Probably forgot to filter that.

I'll have to get to it when I return so for now I labeled it a WIP

Software: Lightwave3D (modelling, rendering), Hexagon (UV's), Flash (logos), Photoshop (post stuffs).

Gundam is (c) Bandai /Sotsu Agency/ Sunrise
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one word about this gundam: badass. not just badass gundam, it a nuclear tactical mobile suit equip with a FRICKIN NUCLEAR WARHEAD BAZOOKE AND A BEAM BAZOOKE TOO THAT IS PILOT BY A ZEON ACE PILOT (who stole the mobile suit from e.f.f)! COME ON! THAT BADASS OR WHAT?! and beside zeon has way more badass mobile suits than the feddies that has duller mobile suit like the g.m or the guntank. see I pre furred zeon because they more badass. and they do right.