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Force Impulse Gundam: Teamwork



Series: Gundam Seed Destiny / Destiny Astray / The Edge / etc

ZGMF(Zero Gravity Meneuver Fighter -
X [experimental]
5[Silhouette System Unit]
6[6th model of that series]
S[Second Series]

CE 71, September 27 - At the end of the 2nd Yachin Due conflict, PLANT and the EARTH UNION enacted a temporary ceasefire. The following March 10th, on the grounds of the outset of the war (JUNIUS SEVEN) the “Junius Treaty” was signed. This agreement posed a strict proliferation restriction on both EARTH UNION and PLANT militaries in order to keep from them expanding and to prevent them from causing more wartime catastrophes. This treaty would have a prodigious influence on the development of mobile suits in each military. One restriction that was made was on the number of Mobile Suits: the restriction here was that countries could only posses an amount of mobile suits corresponding to its power as a nation in the union for which it represented. This was good news for the EARTH UNION as it had a large number of powerful countries under its umbrella. For PLANT, which had fewer countries (with sufficient political/economic power) on its side, it was a rather restrictive measure. Because of this limitation, PLANT decided that it would shift its focus from numbers to quality, in that they would generally improve and enhance the performance of machines that it would create.
Another stipulation of the treaty was the banning of the NEUTRON JAMMER CANCELLOR (heretofore referred to as "NJC") for military purposes.

By the end of the first war it was apparent that ZAFT had created machines equipped with NJCs (and by extension Nuclear Engines) which greatly affected the tide of the war. At that time, ZAFT had installed a NJC and Nuclear Engine in their newly developed next generation machine, the ZGMF-X999A(mass production trial type), which was deemed impossible to mass produce. PLANT’s development bureau initiated the creation of a new kind of machine to abide by the Junius Treaty. The first of these NEW MILLENIUM SERIES dubbed machines was the ZGMF-1000 Zaku Warrior. This unit was able to attach additional (optional) equipment using what’s called a “WIZARD(pack)” installed on its back making this unit very multipurpose capable.
Though the actual test of the NEW MILLENIUM SERIES was successful to a degree, its power insufficiency was a noted point and from that vulnerability began the development of the Second Series.

The Second Series was a new family of machines that could now be supplied with power via the newly developed Deuteron Beam power transmission system. It was possible for a unit with this system installed to receive "close to an infinite" amount of power from a battleship that could supply a Deuteron beam. Five units were developed with this system: ZGMF-X56S IMPULSE, ZGMF-X24S CHAOS, ZGMF-X88S GAIA, ZGMF-X31S ABYSS, and ZGMF-X23S SAVIOUR. The Silhouette System was developed as an evolved version of the NEW MILLENIUM SERIES’ WIZARD system - made especially for Impulse -- effectively expanding its versatility.

Manufactured at the Armory One Colony and premised to deploy with the Minerva battleship, not only was the Minerva able to dispense a Deuteron power supply beam to the Impulse, using the Silhouette Flyer, The Impulse was able to swap various optional armaments on the battlefield – all without having to return to the battleship. The Impulse’s cockpit equipped -“Core Splendor”, upper body -“Chest Flyer”, and lower body -“Leg Flyer” could separate and afterward operate independently, being able to pull off what would be impossible feats that would have no analog in mobile suits during its time. When damaged in combat, the impaired part could be jettisoned and return to the Minerva immediately. Eventually, the Junius Treaty framework is ruined and new “Nuclear Equipped” machines are made in succession. Despite this, the Impulse as a base becomes utilized in future designs. 4 experimental ZGMF-X56S/theta DESTINY IMPULSE’s are developed and thrown into combat. Technologies and weaponry that evolved on these 4 units ultimately make their way to the ZGMF-X42S.


I'm on the road and I'll be that way for a little while. I rendered a base version of this image some time ago but have been playing around with it in PS ever since. My workstation isn't at my fingertips for the time being but I'm playing with things that I rendered but didn't like "at the time" with PS on a separate machine. Instead of the standard hypervoxel explosions -as is- I decided to try PS on them a bit.

Software: Lightwave (modeling, rendering), Photoshop (UV texturing, throwing everything together again)

Gundam is (c) Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency
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