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Destiny Gundam's Akatsuki

Series: Gundam Seed Destiny (Destiny Astray, etc)

This deviation is actually half of a larger image that I cut and decided to submit in this manner. The Akatsuki half is here.

This is the Destiny Gundam I built some time ago. Unlike the Strike Freedom (WOW FROM LAST YEAR) I didn't do much to this machine. Some extra nooks and crannies and a little more "pseudo-frame" detail under some parts but other than that it's somewhat similar to the master grade which came out last year. In general I'm not very fond of the Destiny as it is -- for some reason the lack of symmetry in the backpack doesn't sit right with me. It's interesting how the Destiny Gundam has less optionally equipped armament than the "Impulse Destiny" -- though the latter has "available onboard" power than the former.

Developed under the direction of Supreme Plant Council Chairman Dullandal Gilbert, the beginnings of this machine were rooted in the Impulse and its ubiquitous "Silhouette System" - for which weapons laden backpacks could be switched out mid sortie in order to extend and broaden its versatility. The base Impulse featured the Force, Sword and Blast Silhouettes which allowed for various mission specific ablitlies and it was thought that combining them into a single silhouette (ala the I.W.S.P striker for the x105 and its variants) would = profit and so (it is known that) 4 of those experimental packs were created for trial purposes and dubbed the "Destiny Silhouette" thereby giving the installed system "Destiny Impulse". All 4 were less then phenomenal as they drained energy from the Impulses capacitor very quickly - the Impulses backpacks each employed 2 of every weapon and put additional strain on the Impulse's design. Thus development for the Destiny Impulse was scrapped and designers decided to start fresh, creating a mobile suit from scratch that would be built to withstand the demands needed to cope with the design elements posed in the Destiny Silhouette system. Dullandal requested that the engineers develop the suit with the best technology developed at that time -- technology that was prohibited by the JUNIUS TREATY which prevents certain technologies from being used in Mobile Suits -- Specifically Nuclear Reactors and Mirage Colloid. They created a Nuclear / Hyperdeuteron hybrid system and applied a different form of Mirage Colloid stealth technology. A version of the propulsion system originally developed by the DSSD for the mobile suit GSX401FW-STARGAZER (see Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Stargazer) called Voitre Luminear was successfully constructed and installed into the new unit giving it the ability to sustain high speed movement at which time it would be able to spread "Wings of Light". Further weapons developments allowed the evolution of even the beam gun for this new machine which uses a design not yet seen by mobile suits until now solidifying the new Gundam's system as that of a completely new generation. Though the machine is labeled a "2nd Stage system", judging on pure performance it is technically more correct to label it a 3rd stage or higher. ZAFT designers intentionally removed the [A] from the model number -- ("A" implies the use of a Nuclear powered engine) and instead replaced it with [S] which meant that the machine was a 2nd stage system -- thus, instead of ZGMF-X42A it was relabeled ZGMF-X42S. The "Legend" model number is similarly modified. The "Destiny Gundam" was subsequently presented to ass pilot Shinn Asuka, who previously piloted the Impulse Gundam. It is explained that due to Asuka's increasing skills the Impulse was unable to adequately keep up with the pilot's ability and so battle data obtained from his piloting that machine are used in the design and programming of the Destiny -- which is charged with being more than able to keep up with Asuka's speed and ability. Although the unit is more than enough for an ordinary pilot to handle, because of combat data obtained from Shinn Asuka's time in the Impulse being used as reference for the Destiny the unit is at its absolute strongest if Asuka is the pilot -- and in this it can be said that the Destiny is a "custom built" machine (as opposed to the Legend which basically anyone could pilot).


Anyway, I never put anything out for the destiny so here "something" is -- even if it jerks ya for being too "full of stuff" again. By the way, the "Murasame" in the rear I didn't do much to.... Just threw them in.

Ver 1.1 -> Moved Destiny to the right a bit, removed the faulty lens flair, sharpened the BG a little (may not match the Akatsuki deviation anymore

Software: Lightwave (modeling, rendering), Photoshop (UV texturing, throwing everything together), Hexagon2 (some UV's)

Gundam is (c) Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency
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Aww Shinn... you would have been such an awesome member of the Three Ship Alliance if you only have used your discretion and didn't constantly brute on about how Orb couldn't 'save' your family (when they actually tried to doing everything they could).
Such good potential too.
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Love the Gundam, hate the pilot.
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You can't stop this boyah!
Third favorite gundam
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Shinn was the worst.

I was so glad when Athrun kicked his ass, yet I still felt like he didn't get his ass kicked enough. In the end, he should have gotten a harsher punishment than he did.
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so cool!!!!!!
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shinn asuka, destiny, ikimasu!
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i luv the storyline more!
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It looks awesome, how do you even create these fantastic images?
This is so cool! I love Gundam so much!
It kind of looks like it has a energy version of a chain sword from dawn of war
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So awesome.:wow: Just speechless.
It's head is ugly
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really this is very very good...
i love Gundam.. ^^

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dude your art rocks keep it up. :+fav:
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I allways love this pic very much and keep up the good work
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Very very very professional work. Definitely impressive and inspiring keep it up
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If only my gunpla destiny is as detailed as this. great job.
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Awesome good look,details,colors,effects! that's a cool action scene just amazing good job
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Def. Would like to see the Akatsuki and this one in one pic, tho...
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