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Delta Plus



Series: Kidou Senshi GUNDAM UC (Unicorn) (Novel Series)
Mobile Suits Illustrated in the Image: Unicorn Destroy Mode , Delta Plus (Mobile Suit Transformation), GMIII

Playing around.... again.

Interesting that though I loved the Hyaku Shiki, I have yet to do a Dev on it despite finishing -- or getting close to finishing -- the Delta Plus. While the previous deviation had the Delta Plus in the "waverider" -ish configuration, I thought that a separate deviation with the machine as a mobile suit would be nice. But I'm too distracted with this Astray kit.... I have gone....ASTRAY!!!

So while the comp coughed up this thing 12 hours after starting, I judged myself too lazy to see it through to the end and used PS to comp in some fireworks in the back. As with the last dev, this image has really not much to do with the plot in the Unicorn story and is just a way to show the machine. That's about it!

Software: Lightwave (modeling, rendering), Photoshop (UV/planar texturing, crushing the bits into a new dev)

Gundam is (c) Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency

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This is awesome! :D