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Akatsuki Gundam's Destiny

Series: Gundam Seed Destiny (Destiny Astray, etc)

This deviation is actually half of a larger image that I cut and decided to submit in this manner. The Destiny half is here.

So... what's to say about this mesh. Basically, I took the Strike Gundam that I made long ago and dressed it up to look like the Oowashi Akatsuki. This was done using ideas from a resin kit made by VICIOUS PROJECT in which the kit uses the Strike as a base while supplanting certain parts for resin kit parts of the Akatsuki variation. I rather liked the idea so I tried to simulate it by adequately modifying the Strike mesh. The real reason that I made the AKatsuki however is that I wanted to try out an idea I had for the Unicorn Gundam's frame. A variation of what I was thinking was applied to the "golden armor" of this mesh, though without all of the Unicorn's sparkles. To me it came out reasonably well. Unfortunately it tends to reflect too much of the surroundings so I used photoshop to try to darken it a bit.

The armor in the story is called - Yata-no-Kagami beam-reflecting which makes a strong impression on the viewer - is not only the Akatsuki's most distinctive feature, but also the cause of its soaring development costs. Made up of nano-scale beam-diffracting lattice layers and critical plasma suppression layers, this system not only protects the Akatsuki from incoming beams, but also uses the machine's sensors to track enemies and automatically redirect these beams back at them, thus combining offense and defense. It also means that the armor isn't a simple "mirror".... which is why it doesn't "heavily" reflect in this deviation.

Did I say that I didn't like this machine much? I'm more of a Hyaku Shiki kind of guy.
Anyway, too much going on in the scene. It was actually a lot worse before editing it with photoshop.

Software: Lightwave (modeling, rendering), Photoshop (UV texturing, throwing everything together), Hexagon2 (some UV's)

Gundam is (c) Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency
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I wish Bandai should do this as a Master Grade. Otherwise, MASTER GRADE artwork.
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This suit is so underrated.
WOLFBLADE111's avatar
Treasures-Of-Wisdom's avatar
Gorgeous!  Just to let you know, I found out about this image because of this --… -- and I wanted you to be aware of where else your work might be showing up.  Take care!
LordBookmaster's avatar
Now it's a real damn shame this mobile suit is a hunk of garbage xD Radical picture though. 
growthgod's avatar
ok ilooked at both pics of the total set and if u want the description name to match with the proper mobile suit then u need to switch either the pictures of the description one of the two
mobilesuitsoldier's avatar
I love the golden paint job of this mobile suit. Keep up the brilliant work. :+fav:ed
GameTagger457's avatar
At first I thought the golden finish was a bit TOO ostentatious. But after Cagalli took it out to defend Orb and seeing what it was truly for, definitely one of the most epic Gundams ever. :)

Its funny how you look at it in retrospect; almost all other Gundams (if you count the Astrays and Murasames) use Phase Shift armor to defend against physical attacks, and then there's the Akatsuki, which 'reflects' beam attacks.
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Yeah, it is. XD Since in the SEED universe, before the gundam were born, everyone basically used bullets. Zakus had some beam weapons, I think, but not many - mostly using rockets and machine guns still. The phase shift armor was supposed to defend against that. But with the advent of beamweapons, they realised that something different was needed, in a new age of beam weapons, a defence against that became more important, so beam reflective armor was born, and Akatsuki [translated to 'Dawn', as in dawn of a new era] was basically immortal. XD
I love Gundam. =3
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Ahem. I know this comment is rather old. But invincible my ass. Shinn absolutely murdered the akatsuki in about 2 minutes.  
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It looks surprisingly like the Gundam Kyrios.
Ippman475's avatar
yeah now that ya say it it does
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Any chance that we'll see a piece featuring Hyaku Shiki someday? (given that you're more inclined to it =P)
Kamenrider1's avatar
no neosapian the chosen one came in the 80's hyaku shiki this mongrel is nothing but a wannabe like all of seed it should be classified nuclear waste

Hard Core UC for life
Aldark's avatar
Thats not very nice. All gundam series are good in their own way. I'm a fan of all series of gundam in one way or another.
Kamenrider1's avatar
good for you, but that doesn't change the fact that seed stole much of its designs from Universal Century in some way in at least 3 cases outright copying them completely and with the changes disgracing the originals.

just go check mahq out to see the models they copied either completely name and all or just general look.
growthgod's avatar
imma have to agree with this I mean from what i can tell seed had a lot of the same ideas and concepts of the original gundm series
Kamenrider1's avatar
and making a mockery of it all in the process
Aldark's avatar
It's gundam, what do you expect? Most of the series designs are very similar, and for good reason. They're alternate universes to each other.
Kamenrider1's avatar
similar yes but not complete copies where the only real changes are weapons and an extra shield.
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