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Sonic Boom

I've been playing around with my tablet a bit, getting more comfortable with it. Had a nice sketch laying around and decided to try some painting techniques. Tried a couple of them before sticking with the one you see before you, spent around three hours on it.

Oh, and Sonic's awesome! :headbang:
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Jul 28, 2008, 12:30:20 AM
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Gosh I love the dinamic in this <3
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Whoa... only 3 hours? I'd bet this took at least 20 in total... you're amazing: recreate the atmospere of Sonic CD in one single simple picture isn't a task that everyone can do... you surely deserve a DD and a watch! A whole pack of watches! ;)
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Oh, thank you very much for the kind words. :thanks:

Actually, I spent all those three hours painting, so that excludes the sketching, but that didn't take that long either. Still, there's not that much detail and it's kind of an example of speed-painting, but I'm very glad you like it! :D

Also, just because you're awesome, you get to take a look at the pencil sketch I did before the painting. Here.

As you can see, while very sketchy, it had a lot more detail, originally.
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Well, there was nothing to tank for: I just said what I really think of your work :mianhug:

The sketch is also very detailed... ^_^ it could be a piece for it's own ;)
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Hey there! Youve been featured in this article! [link]:w00t!:
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Thank you very much! :excited:
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amazing!! I think the one thing that truly made this drawing so awesome was the fisheye effect you created! I must say, taking such a highly adored photographic technique and recreating it through illustration made this piece one of a kind! Bravo! :clap:
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Thank you very much for the great comment! :thanks:

The I used the fisheye effect because it just seemed like the best way to convey the sense of speed I wanted out of the picture. It was a lot of fun to work with, even if a little tricky. =P
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i understand. well it was well worth the effort i must say! :D
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I love how you bended the horizon and added this much sky, although it's not very clear wether the blue stuff is a big wave or just the sea
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Well, on this one I experimented a little more with the perspective and distorted it a lot to help give a better sense of speed.

The horizon line would be the one right beneath the clouds, all curved up. :)
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the dissorted stuff worked for sure, it looks fast
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Thanks, glad you think so. :)
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it's always nice to have an new effect or idea confirmed
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inda bem que puses-te legenda ahahah eu lenta como ando na ia ver o pequeno sonic=P
hihi :lmao:
e a BD, qd é que aparece?? =P
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Pois, eu também tentei uma abordagem um bocadito diferente: fazer uma imagem do Sonic, mas não me apoiar demasiado na figurinha para o representar. Olhar para lá da personagem e tal, coisas chatas.

Quanto à BD, eu bem tento, mas parece que a minha cabeça não foi feita para historinhas, por muito pequenas que sejam (a não ser que não façam sentido e tenham a ver com esperança, frutos silvestres e peças de roupa interior).
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I was thinking of Guile attack move when I read the title..

anyways, Go Sonic! The wild, crazy fast hedgehog that destroys monitors randomly!

Oh and I wonder why Dr Robotnik wanted to transform animals into machines...
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Is that really you or are my eyes deceiving me? :wow:

Glad to hear from you! Yeah, there are too many unanswered questions. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to scatter monitors everywhere, with stuff in them? Why transform animals into evil machines? Why does Sonic suck so much, now?

We may never know. :no:

Anyway, thank you very much for the comment and favorite! :dance:
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>.> yep, lurking... alot.

hehe.. Japan works in strange ways... atleast it's entertaining. xP


your welcome! ^^
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I believe they have motivational posters in their offices with "WHO NEEDS LOGICS WHEN THERES ______" sayings. :lol:



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wow, man. awesome. three hours of painting. wow again:]
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