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Kingdom Hearts

Some more fanart from me. :)

I came up with this some time ago, when my girlfriend - which is a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise - was drawing some fanart, and I decided to do so too. I made a doodle, we both thought it looked nice and decided we would color it together later. Unfortunately, it was forgotten on my drawing drawer and it stayed there for quite some time.

Some other day, while I was looking through my drawings, I found this and thought it'd be a nice challenge to test my Photoshop skills. It was never meant to be finished, but it started to look so good I had to keep working on it. It took a lot of time, and patience, with my computer randomly rebooting when it felt like it, but it's finally done, and I really love it. :D

So, this is dedicated to my girlfriend, ~Shinnizly. :smooch:

Updated on May 23, 2010: Absolute final version uploaded! Minor details added, subtle colored tint and, most importantly, the hair! It doesn't look that bad, now!

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Love, love, love it!
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Wow. His bangs are really long. Like... wow. It's not a problem at all, just something I noticed.
Your Photoshop and drawing skills are absolutely amazing! This is going straight into my favorites collection! :D
The only thing I could find wrong with it was the joints on his arms. They just look awkward and unnatural to me. But otherwise, amazing!
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God, this is just.. Epic on so many levels!
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omg... the details its sooo... DAAAAAAYUM! <3 love it! 
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duuuuude this is badass!! will you check out my kingdom hearts drawing that I need to color in :D
sandrodcpereira's avatar
I had a peek at it, it's looking fine! You should definitely try and color it! :)
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im in the process of coloring my sora drawing in right now :D im also finishing my morrigan drawing that was inspired by the cover of darkstalkers tribute artbook :) thanks btw.
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This is so epic I wish I had his outfit
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Calm and relaxing, yet full of hidden power.  Very nice.
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Oh wow, that is gorgeous! I love the softness of the lighting and edges, and the weightlessness. Wonderful job!
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wow your art is awesome good art
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now those shoes...the zippers on those shoes...epic
Divine8's avatar up.....your senses.-Neku sakuraba
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Amazing !

I've made a render of this !

Look here [link]
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I'm gonna murder you slowly, now. That's what I got, but I wouldn't mind watching it.
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Sora's look. Totally that phrase. "Die, mortal."
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Seriously.. WOW :D!!!
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