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03 Concept Car - Posters

Last year at school we were asked to choose a theme for a project that would last the whole year.
The project I came up with consisted of somethings that I was familiar with, and some things that I had never done before:

- First of all, design a concept car of my own. Not something too flashy and futuristic, but a car that I would like to be seen in, and most important, a car that would be believable. A car that could actually exist.
- Second, make a 3D model of the car. While it wasn't my first time making a 3D model, it was my first try at making a car using 3D Studo Max.
- Third, and since I love graphic design, design promotional posters for the car. This consisted of creating a name, making a logotype, and creating the actual posters for the car.
- Fourth, create two videos using the 3D model of the car: one promotional video, and a more funny and personal one. Now this was something I had never tried before and it was a great experience, and even though it was a hard task for one person only, I can say that they came out pretty well.

(Some minor steps were obviously left out of the list; things like creating the scenes for the videos)

It was a great experience, and very rewarding; especially considering I got the highest grade possible. :D

These are the actual posters.

I wanted to make something light and colorful, but that wouldn't take the attention away from the car. Each of the posters were made at the gigantic resolution of 4960x3508.
The renders took quite some time, but the result was great when printed. :)
Here is a little detail at the original resolution.

Also, check out:
03 Concept Car - Teaser
03 Concept Car
03 Concept Car - Sketches

Comments and favourites are really apreciated. :)
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the model itself is quite edgy ... maybe you can round it up a little ... but the ideas for the posters are good
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Thanks for the comment! ;)

It looks like that because it's a low-polygon model. I wanted to go with a high-polygon one at first, but the busy schedule made me decide against it because it's much more time consuming and I was not as familiar with high-poly modeling as I was with low-poly.

After finishing and presenting the project, I have actually started a high-polygon version, but never got to finish it.
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amazing. you definitely achieved the goals you stated in the first points
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Excellent use of colours :D
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Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it. I love working with bright colors! :dance:
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Awesome concepts, the colours are amazing!

Very well done:D
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Thank you very much! :D
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where can i get myself a car like that ? just kidding , it look good :D
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Hopefully in the future! :giggle:

I wish. Thanks for the comment! =P
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That's awesome! Love the mix of colours!
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Wow ! Love the colours, the car design and the poster itself :)
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :)
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really great concept
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i want the red one, but i want it in black..LOL
i love your designs :D
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You can have any color you want to! I actually did a color chart with tons of colors, but haven't submitted it. Dunno if you've seen it already, but you can check here for a black version of the car.

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