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Relaxing in the Tropics!

New Video Update #2704 at

Relaxing in the Tropics turns Damsel in Distress Escape Attempt for Busty MILF Sandra Silvers!

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Tied up on the couch in her holiday let apartment Sandra struggles to feel the relaxation she’d bargained for on this break in paradise. Bound by a burglar as she reclined in lounge wear, putting her bare feet up, she heard her assailant ransacking the bedrooms for her jewelry, before the door slammed as he made a sharp exit. Struggling with all her might against the classic tie bound around her yoga pants and vest to free herself, the busty MILF damsel jiggles in her escape attempts. A bandana cleave gag between her teeth keeps her quiet enough, grunts and mmmphs are all she can manage to call out as she fights off the ropes in desperation to reach the telephone sitting so near… and yet so far from her tethered hands tied behind her. Can she reach the phone to call the cops before her robber escapes scot free?
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Sandra Silvers tied with a crotch rope, nice ropes around her boobs and cleave gagged on the couch

A sexy and relaxing way to spend some time during vacation!

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So much for relaxing!

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She is relaxing, isn't she? 😀