CREMISI Contest+Raffle(Deadline March 31th) CLOSED

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CREMISI Art Contest and Raffle! [OPEN] by SandraRush

:bulletred: 3 last days to submit!

:bulletred: UPDATE! Deadline extended by 1 more week! Now its March 31th and won't be extended any further! Nuu

:bulletred: UPDATE! Deadline extended by 2 weeks! Now its March 24th! :dummy:

:bulletred: UPDATE! 300 :points: Prize added to the Raffle!!!

:heart:Welcome to the CREMISI Art CONTEST and RAFFLE! :heart:

[Status: CLOSED]

   CREMISI Issue 2: Escape into Free Space is now available on Comixology!

  CREMISI is a manga style sci-fi fantasy/space western comic I'm working on with Isaax Fox, who provides the story Aww
We use black, white, and crimson coloring ("BWC") to create a unique visual experience.

Its a great occasion for me to make a big Cremisi event for you all!
Decided to held a contest AND a raffle, meaning everyone can join the fun right now! But first...


 :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:  THE CONTEST  :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:



  :bulletblue: First you need to choose one character (or more) from my comic CREMISI and draw him/her/them! Characters and references below!
  :bulletblue: Every style and technique is allowed. Just do it your way!
  :bulletblue: You may keep the BWC (Black+white+crimson) MANGA style of Cremisi or go with FULL COLOR!
  :bulletblue: When you are done, submit your piece to Deviantart, tag me in its description and post it in a comment below this journal.

DEADLINE: March 31th, 2018

(extended by 1 week from March 24th!)


  Maria  avatar2 by SandraRush  Shay avatar by SandraRush  Alice avatar by SandraRush

      MARIA                 SHAY               ALICE     

Post Below Post Below Post Below Post Below Post Below

For more info and reference on the characters check

the CREMISI Character Reference Sheet! [click here]



:bulletyellow: 1st Prize :bulletyellow:

500 :points:
Digital Copy of CREMISI  Vol.1 (Issue 1+2)!

:bulletyellow: 2nd Prize :bulletyellow:

250 :points:
Digital Copy of CREMISI  Vol.1 (Issue 1+2)!

:bulletyellow: 3rd Prize :bulletyellow:

100 :points:
Digital Copy of CREMISI  Vol.1 (Issue 1+2)!

:bulletyellow: Honourable mentions :bulletyellow:

Every entry wins Digital Copy of Cremisi Issue 1!

All contest entries will be featured on my page for a loong time ;) we will also show them off on mine and Astral Ticket social media :aww:


:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:  THE RAFFLE  :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:


   You don't need to enter the contest to join the raffle!!!

  :bulletblue: Be my watcher (new watchers are welcome :hug:)
  :bulletblue: Share this journal in a status update/poll/journal of yours and link it in a comment below.

If you do so I'll give you your lucky Ticket!


:new: :bulletyellow: 1 super lucky winner will get 300 :points:
and Digital Copy of CREMISI Vol.1 (Issue 1+2)!

:bulletyellow: 3 lucky winners will get 50 :points: each
and Digital Copy of CREMISI  Vol.1 (Issue 1+2)!

Joined the Raffle:

Ticket No.1: Yakotaki
Ticket No.2: Lylisaurus
Ticket No.3: OcioProduction
Ticket No.4: Rainbow640
Ticket No.5: Mr-MadMax
Ticket No.6: TheKikkaKibaz
Ticket No.7: countvesper
Ticket No.8: MADART1ST
Ticket No.9: NekoMaon
Ticket No.10: GoldenToparican
Ticket No.11: WeraHatake
Ticket No.12: ZTheGS
Ticket No.13: Tenchi8
Ticket No.14: SinistrosePhosphate
Ticket No.15: NakamaLand
Ticket No.16: TheBrassGlass
Ticket No.17: KAynizo
Ticket No.18: Capisce-girl
Ticket No.19: Ririchie
Ticket No.20: ArielleLyon
Ticket No.21: SaharT
Ticket No.22: Armstrongy85
Ticket No.23: Hanatsuki-Ai
Ticket No.24: Soratobazu
Ticket No.25: SaraFormosa
Ticket No.26: KitsMits
Ticket No.27: Aya-I
Ticket No.28: MikitaMiridoka
Ticket No.29: EleLibe
Ticket No.30: KaijuKing40000
Ticket No.31: Puyo-Elements
Ticket No.32: rosa-arcoiris
Ticket No.33: E-k-k-0
Ticket No.34: MyrielLachance
Ticket No.35: BookOfCheats
Ticket No.36: Astral-Chan
Ticket No.37: seiyuuheart
Ticket No.38: ValerieThePunkGirl
Ticket No.39: ShadowZamai
Ticket No.40: Nightxlash
Ticket No.41: KainTheSupreme
Ticket No.42: kiseshiru
Ticket No.43: Art-attack123
Ticket No.44: miasahina
Ticket No.45: AaroHades
Ticket No.46: ChibiShay
Ticket No.47: Karamatsu-Nii-San
Ticket No.48: natszu
Ticket No.49: mistysong1
Ticket No.50: JordanDonges
Ticket No.51: HeartBlissMaid
Ticket No.52: CrimsongLegendiery
Ticket No.53: D3mzu
Ticket No.54: MAKA1996
Ticket No.55: Voice-of-Kujira
Ticket No.56: Kat-Cat33
Ticket No.57: Badrater

Ticket No.58: RGeru
Ticket No.59: Wolven6

Raffle ends on the same day as the contest!

Thats all! :aww: Feel free to ask if you have any questions! Good luck everyone! :hug:

© 2018 - 2021 SandraRush
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So, when will the raffle winners be announced?
RGeru's avatar
KaijuKing40000's avatar
Sorry ,i can't post it ,sorry Sayako
SandraRush's avatar
oh, you didn't make it in time? :( (Sad) 
KaijuKing40000's avatar
My matérial passed away. ,i was making a good one:'(
SandraRush's avatar
Aww, I'm so sorry for you! :( (Sad)  the contest is now closed, but if you'd be able to retrieve it somehow, just upload it and you'll still will be awarded with the free comic. Won't have a chance to compete for the grand prizes tough :| (Blank Stare) 
KaijuKing40000's avatar
Y'know ,it's not so bad ,just a bas luck,but thanks
Badrater's avatar
I know it's very last minute but here's my entry for the contest
Shay in my style (CREMESI contest) by Badrater
SandraRush's avatar
Wow, you made it! :D great work man! :D thank you for entering, you sure did it in the very last minute! :D
Badrater's avatar
Thanks! And no prob!
Time was of the essence :D
Gaudeamusmx's avatar
Hi better late than never I hope to be even on time is not the best of my works but preferable this to nothing long history made short Angry Birds - Red's happy laugh 

Alice Cremisi fanart by Gaudeamuss
SandraRush's avatar
Wow, so cute! and such lovely colours! :heart: great job, I love it! :D thank you for enternig! :heart:
Wolven6's avatar
Amigo! I'm done! Finally finished up this sucker...
i know, the Background is a bit lackluster, but hey... glad to have been a part of this shindig. :D

Cremisi contest Entry- Shay by Wolven6
SandraRush's avatar
Glad you made it! :D awesome job, I love his pose, looks so badass! :wow: thank you for entering, mate! :hug:
Wolven6's avatar
Just like "I don't even need to aim or reload anymore... blood magic bichiz!"
Glad ya like it Sayako! :)
SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
I did it! I finally did it! 
I hope I am not too late to join the party! ^^; 

Bounty Hunter Captain by SinistrosePhosphate
SandraRush's avatar
You made it! and what a dynamic piece! :wow: I love it! :heart: thank you for entering and enjoy the rest of the holidays! :aww:
SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
I did? Really? Thank you! :love: 
And thank you for your very kind words, too! I really appreciate it! :thanks: 

... I don't have holidays... I go back to work on Monday! ^^;
JNRedmon's avatar
Maybe don't consider this an official entry. It's a mess and I did it quickly.
Contest Entry - Celestial Gunner by JNRedmon
SandraRush's avatar
Yay, you made it! :D of course it will be added as an entry its awesome :D I'm happy you entered, thank you! :aww: and Happy Easter! :hug:
JNRedmon's avatar
Happy Easter! Thank you so much. :)
kuromikku's avatar
Finally finished my entry! xD
[Contest Entry] Oh my by kuromikku
SandraRush's avatar
Aww so cute! :heart: its worth extending the deadline for such works! :aww: thank you so much for entering and Happy Easter! :hug:
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