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I thought the best to respond to everyone in the poll is one journal so I would not repeat myself. This is to answer all the comments under the poll I have posted, as well to explain why the poll was posted.  I am sorry I didnt get to this sooner I could not as I am incredibly busy.

Nevertheless it is to say that I am hugely disappointed with Australia's public school system.  That is why I have decided to transfer my child for year 6 and high school after it to Catholic school next to us.  I was thinking long and hard about it and here it is why:

- My daughter is grade 5 now, and she does not have basics down. She has trouble with spelling, and basic  pre-algebra .

- yes class size is small 21 students per teacher in public school however I have never seen such lack of knowledge passed to students as well as lack of discipline, I am not only talking about my daughter but also her classmates. My daughter is continually complaining about the high noise level in class, and that it is not allowing her to focus.   My daughter got hit during class, had her work destroyed by bullies continually, name it.  She was even drawn upon with a marker.Not to forget she was paint bombed and tossed over foundation at school destroying her school uniform and backpack... school with security cameras saw of course nothing.

- the teachers do not even know what syllabus is.  I have asked repeatedly for last few years for syllabus so I can see what my daughter is learning at school at home so we can review and expand on that knowledge and I was continually denied that by a number of her teachers.

- teachers do not spend enough time teaching. Students are left to study independently in groups of 5-6 hoping they would learn something.  Everyone knows what happens what happens when you end up with group of kids left to study to themselves, there is very little studying that they do themselves.  They are all called "independent learners" Yeah independent in learning jack shit.

- My daughter is repeatedly physically and emotionally bullied in school and receiving death threats.  School is doing nothing to protect her short of giving the offender slap on the wrist while I have to deal with my daughter being visibly upset every day.

- I have mathematics degree.  I spend every day teaching my 11 year old math because school did not teach her basics. I cannot teach much in 30 minutes a day while cooking dinner at same time, and she is dead tired, or upset by bullying at school.   I look at different approaches at math and try to find one that suits her best, and I know that my method is correct, and then teacher goes ahead and tells my daughter that the way I am teaching her is wrong and that you cannot do math like that. I feel like ripping her to shreds because beauty of mathematics is not about having one way of solving problem it is about being able to analyze the problem and approach it from different ways. To put it in English there is more than one way to skin the cat.  In the end I got sick of it and passed the collection of math books to her teacher, because I want my daughter to think with her head, as free thinker not to be a sheep.  She is good at math but bad teaching methods of the teachers  who are not teaching her foundations are killing her love for it.

- teachers have not explained the patterns in division to my daughter I have.  She did not know how to recognize which numbers are divisible by 3 or 6 for example.

- my daughter was not introduced to any decent literature at school.  I have 11 year old who loves reading, she even read Hobbit when she was 8 because I introduced her, she loves Guy de Maupassant, and I try to get her to read the books that are going to teach her something. I also got her to read "Sadako and thousand of paper cranes" as well as "Diary of Anna Frank" so she would know what happened during WW2.  She loved Tom Sawyer. At school they are left to their own devices of what they will read, not introduced to single good book by their teacher. And classics good luck if they even mention them. 

- I really do not agree with the lack of grades in school.  I for gods sake want to know that she got 85% on exam, ie she absorbed that much material she is lacking in this and that.  I really find it total utter bullshit the grading system where everyone gets C and if you are 6 month ahead everyone you get B and 12 months ahead you get A.  My daughter who is in year 5 has trouble subtracting, does not know her multiplication table and has a B? She was supposed to have mastered multiplication, addition and subtraction in grade 3 not 5.  How she is 6 months to a year ahead of her class is beyond me. When I see that I am very worried about her ability to learn anything down the track, because the basics the foundations are lacking. I have not been shown access to single grade or exam results.

- by contract with the school that both me and my daughter have signed she is supposed to have 30-45 minutes homework a day.  She has currently homework that is assigned for 2 weeks that she finishes in 15 minutes.  She and her friends think it's too easy, I could not agree more. See attached sample of homework for 2 weeks... HOMEWORK IS IMPORTANT... old saying goes repetitio est mater studiorum

- My daughter has NO BOOKS for school... I google math and other subjects I should be teaching her and teach her that... there is NOT A SINGLE TEXT BOOK. Every year I pay school books and there is not a single text book. How will she study without books?

- oh yes learning to use IPad is a school subject? I mean WTF?!?
- one of my favourites Science what is that?

- Where did history go? We learn from our mistakes and past decisions, she learned nothing of history short of glorifying Australias biggest ever war failure and making sacrificial lambs heroes,... We have not learned, state in history for what it is  not a myth.  Don't make a big slaughter a glorious event because it was not, unnecessary death because of idiocy and laziness of superiors who made decisions no one in right mind would.

- Foreign Language what's that according to school.  She is not taught single foreign language.

- Apparently according to school it is ok to go to lockdown mode because of siege near the school and them to call it incident and never admit it was siege (police said it was when I got turned away from picking my daughter up)

- Oh yes my favourite its ok to force kids to sit on muddy wet ground outside  in 8C weather with wind and rain drizzle... let them get dirty and wet because their parents will scrub them up and take them to doctors when they get sick.


Oh Here is her homework that is supposed to take 2 weeks to finish with 30-40 minutes work every day... I mean WTF:





Multiplication and Division

Write down and practise your 3s and 7s counting patterns. What do you notice about the numbers in these patterns? (Does the last digit of each number form a recurring pattern?) Can we use these counting patterns to help us with any other counting patterns?


It’s my birthday and I have invited 5 friends to my party, so there are 6 people altogether. If my mum had baked 48 cookies, how many cookies would each person get?

What would happen if I needed to share the cookies with my 2 little sisters as well as my friends?


Fact families

If I knew that 4x3=12, what are the other three facts that I must know in this fact family?

Can you work out what 4x30 is using the information you have already been provided? How did you work that out?



Commutativity is where we understand that 5x7 is the same as 7x5. Using this knowledge please answer the following equations and explain how you worked them out.

    1.     15x2=

    2.     7x3=

    3.     20x9=



Reading and Writing



We have been learning about metaphors and similes and how they can help to make a piece of writing more interesting. Make a list of metaphors and similes that you know of or have found while reading.



We have just begun learning about persuasive texts. While you are not yet up to creating your own persuasive piece of writing, we have been talking about forming opinions and coming up with reasons to back up your opinions. Statements like, ‘Kids should be paid to come to school’ often divide people based on their opinions. For this task, you will need to form an opinion about the topic and provide at least 4 arguments to support your opinion.





Spelling words are written in your diaries every Monday morning. You need to practise your spelling words every night.

Spelling Investigation

Compound words are words that are made when 2 smaller words are combined to make one word. For example ‘foot’ and ‘ball’ make the word football. 

You will need to make a list of as many compound words that you can find. Don’t forget to list the two smaller words that have been put together to make the final compound word.









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artin2007 Featured By Owner May 24, 2016
I'm sorry to say that we encountered the same woeful situation in 
grades 1-5 in the public schools in Northern California. Worse.
Elementary,Secondary, and Higher Education
in the US have been on a downhill path
for several decades. The bottom line is that literacy, reading, 
and teaching are not emphasized widely, as in the past, and only
success for the gifted and elite, and, with successful
research programs, is all that is of real interest to politicians.
More than ever before, what happens at home affects the quality
of education. If the parents have been well-educated, that bodes
well for their children. A very small percentage <10% of US child-raising
adults has been well-educated, by any standard. And that percent is
declining, from the look and feel of the "millennials". The solutions
are expensive and difficult, but worth the cost. Its doubtful whether
our conservative politicians will allow improvements to schooling,
at any level, including higher education.
thesvetislav Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015
Kako pomoci onome koga najvise volis? Dati mu svu mogucu snagu da se sam bori! Odmah da se pohvalim, moja cerka Visnja (32) je profesor matematike. Mozete je bolje upoznati jer je oformila i pise tekstove za sajt Kremasica (Google) a takodje prikuplja i daje resenja za pojedine matematicke zadatke.
Sve sto radite za svoju decu je ispravno, trudite se koliko je u Vasoj moci. Sto se nasilnika tice, njih ima bas svuda, preporucujem jedno resenje za koje smatram da je ispravno. Kao decak nisam voleo da se tucem sa drugom decom, nisam u tome video nikakvo zadovoljstvo i nikakvu dobrobit od toga. Sklanjao sam se od nasilnika toliko da sam i sam pomislio da sam kukavica. A onda sam poceo da treniram skok sa motkom (na stadionu Vojvodine u Novom Sadu). Ubrzo sam uvideo da sam ono obrnuto od kukavice. Postao sam uravnotezeniji, stekao sam nove isto tako uravnotezene drugare. I dalje se nisam tukao a izgleda da sam izgledom odvratio nasilnike od sebe. Naravno, nemojte naterati dete na bilo koji sport, porazgovarajte sa njim i uvazite njegovo misljenje. Dobicete dete koje je uvece bukvalno mrtvo umorno ali ce njegova ukupna snaga, kapacitet i prijemcivost konstantno rasti. Deci je potrebna konstantnost i sigurnost koju im ulivate, tako da rec disciplina i ne mora nikada da se upotrebi.
Jeszika-Le-Viathan Featured By Owner May 21, 2015  Professional General Artist
I empathize a lot with this post.  My daughter is 6 now and we spend well over half our income to send her to a Montessori school for many of these same problems. Public schools are terrible for children! Not only is the quality of the education extremely lacking and far behind what could be accomplished in the same amount of time by any organization that has a consequence for poor performance, but they also completely ignore child psychology in how children learn most effectively. When children can't adapt to the completely counter-intuitive environment, they blame the kids and try to label them with a disorder or medicate them. Even more frightening to me is the character of the people that the kids end up spending the majority of their day with. From teachers who can be disinterested, lazy, apathetic or even mean spirited, to other children who come from every kind of home environment and can be very cruel and already damaged - all of this has an impact on your kids who learn from everyone around them. American schools have also been deteriorating in quality as well. They are moving away from grades, or any type of quantifiable measure of success. They are slowing down and making even more convoluted the curriculum - so that you end up now with college students I have tutored who don't understand what a complete sentence is or know more than remedial math. I strongly advocate for homeschooling (or if you can find a quality private school)! It can have such a lasting impact on the quality of children's lives! Kuddos for making the choice!
Drax242 Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I hate to hear stories of bullying. That would probably have a significant effect on her ability to concentrate. That whole new age schooling system is pretty bad. My brother had to go through it when he lived in England for a year as a child, and said he learned nothing from the time he was in it. I don't blame your concerns.
ventimocha Featured By Owner May 16, 2015
Wow, I though schools in U.S. Are bad!
SandraPelly Featured By Owner Edited May 16, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I finished HS and tertiary education there, I do not think schools are amazing there, but compared to Australia they taught much much more...
CarbonData Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I think your daughters lucky to have you about as back up. But, yes, you shouldn't have to be doing that as they should be doing their job.sounds pretty bad to Me what you've described, so I don't blame you for changing schools.
when I was at school, I was not geeky enough to be a geek and not tarty/ pretty enough to be popular with the girls. It was all about how you looked lol. The teachers were pretty useless, if they didn't like a student they didn't put the effort in with them. I hated school and the whole process, and I really have learned more myself ( reading etc, history, facts and so on) than I ever did there. X
SandraPelly Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I was top level nerd lol... I dont expect my daughters to be like me but I expect them to at least get the basics down... I loved school, I miss it at times... I had some good teachers at primary school and high school level, didnt think much of those in tertiary education since a lot of times I knew more than they did... I hope I give my kids better options in life, that is all I want.  The schools as they are now there is no point...
CarbonData Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
That's why they're lucky in that you can pick up the slack so to speak. So sad that the schools are like that. Kids are tomorrow's surgeons, solicitors, doctors etc. you're a good mum xx
Seykloren Featured By Owner May 16, 2015
I think it is a mixture of teachers not getting any respect, as well as not getting any leeve in how they are supposed to actually teach. I think it is common sense understanding that not everyone learns in the same way and in the same speed.
The whole thing, school - seems in a very ridiculous state. I personaly never had problems learning new things and assimilating school knowledge, but I did it alone. I was not only bored at school, I felt opressed, because nothing ever gets done about bullying and there is way too much focus on promoting unhealthy lifestyles as opposed to working with healthy individualism (I am saying this because in my school time, elementary school, I was disciplined for refusing to paint my nails, as a girl.) It sucks, because it basicly shows, decade after decade that all the knowledge you are going to get is the one you get yourself, or with the help of your parents. It feels like school is there to simply keep you busy for 8 hours a day and you are somewhere predesigned while your parents are working.
I deeply respect parents who choose to homeschool, as well as parents who are fighting an endless, losing battle to change the school system for the better.
SandraPelly Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Respect is earned... even from a child, it is not something given lightly...
At school I used to respect some teachers some I didn't, because they didn't earn that respect.  The teacher I respected most was math teacher in high school. He was actually a professor, with doctorate in math, was disillusion with the life, spoke over everyone else's heads expect mine.  I understood always what he had to say, I studied because he had love for mathematics, had deep understanding of it, and always took time to explain things where they come from, not just memorize and call it done.  He had brilliant mind, he expected brilliance from his students. For me school was easy, I loved it, I loved knowledge.

Problem nowdays is we raise sheep not educate the kids.  We do not establish with them basic learning strategies, and do not teach them passion for knowledge.  They are like slaves in Plato's Cave, chained and only see shadows on the wall without ever seeing the light of the day. Teachers do not care, a lot of them here are uneducated and they do not do it for love of teaching they do it because they have nothing else to do.  (speaking from experience I know few of them) Some are illiterate, and some teach kids wrong thing... ie saying TOOKEN instead of TAKEN. It is a shame that someone whose 4th language is English knows about irregular verbs and they dont.  Some again speaking from experience even spells and is convinced that you spell word germs with a J (both teachers are English native speakers) I cannot expect much from those.

I spend a lot of time passing my knowledge to my daughter, by teaching her math, teaching her Latin quotes and explaining where they come from. I am starting soon to teach her chemistry, physics and history.  I do not trust school to teach her anything notable anymore so I decided to take matters in my own hands. To be honest I was never bullied in school, or i was too socially inapt which I still am to notice.  I just ignored everyone. Schools now teach conformism instead of encouraging independent thought. There is hardly any knowledge passed in schools.
Seykloren Featured By Owner May 16, 2015
Yes, I would say this difference; this gap in knowledge between a child relying solely on school for knowledge and a child who has parents who can and are involved in actually teaching them something is most noticable in unvercity. All of a sudden from a breeze field of repeating and reading a few stuff, kids are tossed into adulthood+ exams, tons of information and dire need for specialisation and practical work, for which they have little knowledge. No wonder univercity feels so burdening and hard (on top of the scholarship prices!).
"Schools now teach conformism instead of encouraging independent though" - this resonates so much. We focus on one same level of mediocrity and we kill all else, at least here in this country.
SandraPelly Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I think it is noticeable even in primary school... you end up with those who cant sign their own name, and then those who know something,. ... Conformism teaching is everywhere... its modern day slavery... Its keep quiet, dont question and blend in attitude...
SoulcolorsArt Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think the bullying is a great problem, but for the rest compairing to our schoolsystem I think you want to much. Why on earth do you want to have so much homework for your child, let them play and have fun. Relax :)
SandraPelly Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Because I care about her future.  Old saying goes "repetitio est mater studiorum" - repetition is mother of knowledge.  She has to learn to learn, she has to figure out how to study.  Its time to grow up. She can play on weekends and school holidays.   I want her to be able to chose her future down the track not for her career choice to be imposed on her by lack of choices.  I want her to be able to chose.  If she does not absorb the knowledge and does not learn she will be just a sheep ready to flip burgers and nothing more.  She needs to develop as free thinker, have knowledge to make informed choices... if she spends her whole time playing she will be just reduced down to no choices whatsoever in life.
SoulcolorsArt Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe you should read some studies about how much children learn from playing. A child should have free time every day. She needs a lot of energie because she has to cope with a lot of bullying. So at home should be a relaxed place. I am older and see how much parents pressure their children, they should do this and participate in that and at the end it doesn't help. It is your own choice of course but after reading your story I couldn't keep quiet because I know how things can go wrong this way :)
SandraPelly Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I do not think I push her too hard.  A lot of people seem to be comparing the system that is in Australia to for example Europe.  I am first one as I compare the amount of knowledge taught between my kids and my sisters kids, hers are in Croatia mine in Australia, and my kids are lagging severely behind because school focuses too much on the play and very little effort on learning.  As I posted in journal there is a homework that according to the teachers should take 2 weeks every day 30-45 minutes work to complete which is approximately 420-630 minutes work.  My daughter took whole 15 minutes to finish, pretty much same as her friends did.  I study with her and teach her math 30-60 minutes a day which is not much in grand scheme of things, she has still a lot of time to do stuff that interests her such is play with her littlest pet shop, ride bike, play with her sisters, even spend time on DA and viber her best friend/

wake up 6:30 am to get dressed and ready to go to school by 8:15 am
8:30 am at school, 30 mins play time, then school till 3pm where lets see what she does instead of study ... ah yes its play they dont do much studying in school... Its not like european schools where you actually do study.
3:30 come home
4-5 study
5pm dinner
5:30pm clean up table
now if she cleaned table up and finished her math work she gets to play till 9pm otherwise its bedtime at 7pm.
Oh yes in mean time she has to read 30 pages of book of my choice, as 30 pages it is too much

I saw where kids who do not study end up, and honestly I do not want her to have her choices limited to manual labour only, not that anything is wrong with it. She as you see in her schedule have time to play, she spends time on her computer drawing, doing photography and setups of her toys, and plays with her littlest pet shop collection which she has close to 1000.  She rides her bike as well.
SoulcolorsArt Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In the Netherlands we get up 7.45 AM, school at 8.30 AM, school ends at 15.15 and on wednesdays at 12.15. After that no homework, just have fun and play.
The only homework there is is learning tables and geography. and that is only a few times a year.
And we don't have a schedule we live :) Research say our education is in the top 5 of best educations.
My dear friend always pushed her children, always learning, and they ended up at the same or even lower level as my kids. For me the most important was that
they were happy sweet children and had a lot of fun when they were young. 
Make them curious, let them discover, try to stop the bullying so they can feel save again. 
I admire how you want the best for her.
CJ-Judd Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Student General Artist
It's called dumbing down Sandra.  All done by design. Flood the European countries with backward illiterate refugees that will never assimilate, political correctness, promoting degenerate lifestyles.... better not get me started.
SandraPelly Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I know raise sheep, shepherds have it easier because no one questions them... modern day slavery. I could say a lot but I keep my mouth shut most of the time.... will see if I can get time to write you a note tonight.
CJ-Judd Featured By Owner Edited May 16, 2015  Student General Artist
Sandra I keep a close look and study up on the coming of the new world order, all the things I was reading about twenty years ago are coming true now.  25 years ago I told a friend of mine that Europe was being united by stealth in an effort to impose the one world government, and that the first outward sign would be a common currency called the Euro.  He went home and told his wife I was mad.  When the Euro was announced 20 years later, he asked me how I knew.  My response to him was not a kind one.  Schools are in the process of dumbing down both kids and teachers.  They want a stupid population drugged by stupid tv like that moronic Big Brother, and cooking shows, everywhere cooking programs.  Christians are the biggest threat to the NWO you will see what's coming in the future.
fleetofgypsies Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Professional General Artist
 Basic Intelligence would tell you what it takes a School System to fumble at articulating with words like Commutativity.....What a freakin mess, we sure have gone down hill.


3% and must do better in the margin.

I was not great at school although excelled in sports. My 5 kids have got through on homeschooling, distance ed, and a small Christian school.   It can be done.  
SandraPelly Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
My daughter told me the other day thank you when she finished her NAPLAN exams because I studied with her every day maths and taught her how to multiply, divide, long division, addition, volume, area... she was so happy  I prepped her for that. 

I was straight A student most of the time twiddling my thumbs because school was too easy for me.  When I went to school teachers recognized my need for knowledge and took their time on the side to get me to do things outside curriculum. I learned how to study, how to think with my own head... schools now days just raise a pack of sheep sadly.  I am studying every day with all my kids, teaching 11 year old after school and on weekends, teaching my 2 year old who already can count to 15 recognize all letters in alphabet, and has huge vocabulary for her age.   I am just social imbecile on good day and that is what I Do not want my kids to become, however I do not want them stupid and uneducated either.

School system has gone downhill, there is no discipline, and teachers do not encourage thirst for knowledge.  Its sad and pathetic.
fleetofgypsies Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Professional General Artist
Education can be a very fickle god. Her priests are jugglers of prizes and the unknown. 
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