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The day florist



You won't be seeing this girl until chapter 5, mwahahah.

So many names I've given her: Naraia, Maya, Mary, Noa... I've set for Celen. Based in a deleted character's (more like turned into a one shot support character) name, Celeste, who was named after a cousin of mine.

Celen sells flowers during the day, wandering all over the streets of Kerdon, one of the biggest cities of Tionia (incidentally where our dear Elvar wants everyone to go for reasons yet to be known). What does she do in the night? Mystery for you :U

Dudeeeeeee it's been so long since I last attempted at realism. I think this turned out pretty nicely 8D

Celen, Rankor Chronicles belong to me
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Very nice. I like the candid expression.