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Salamence in the city



I had to try saving this as a JPG 10 times because I didn' have enough RAM memory. Hence the bad JPG quality.

If you had never looked at the idea of a ginormous dragon pokémon hanging around in an overcrowded city as certainly dangerous, you're probably saner than I am.

SDASDJASDS horrible far background because I am unable to handle the colours blending in the blue thingamajinger. Also, I killed all your perspective laws and angered your alien overlords *A* And since I was at it, I did 2 cameos of myself, and added a little spinarak, JUST CAUSE.

Anyway. Drawn two weeks ago in two classes. Inked with a black Stabilo pen. Coloured in SAI, shaded in photoshop, all the day before yesterday/yesterday. Now I shall die.

Pokémon © Game freak or whoever owns it
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*follows link from RC comic website* Oh look, I see that Team Rocket is blasting off again. :D
Poor Officer Jenny.....she has so much crap to go through, now she's gotta clean up the city.....again? XD
*throws pokeball* DITTO! I CHOOSE YOU! Now Transform. :D Double the Salamence! :D Double the Destruction! :D Officer Jenny is gonna kill me. xD