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Katawa Shoujo fanart or something

I love Katawa Shoujo and Rin is awesome.
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tf rin has no arms in the game
why did you drew her without palms only
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Because this was a 10 minute drawing I made 7 years ago after playing the demo that was all we had to go by then.

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Well she's not wrong.
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Rin's superpower: disregarding physics.
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She can mess with gravity whenever, man.
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Rin is my favorite video game character of any game I've ever played.
I guess that doesn't count since Katawa Shoujo is a digital novel...but I don't care! Rin is amazing, and deserves amazing recognition like this.
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I have seen better ones, but yeah, she's really cool :D
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Does Rin ever do this?
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Oh geez, it's just epic! xD Love it!
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Rin has very strong legs and back muscle if she can still hang on to Hisao.
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Or cartoonish pic power *w*d
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I'm having troubles getting to Rin's story, but so far I've only gotten Good endings. I really, REALLY wanna avoid the Bad endings...It seems like it'd just break my heart. Hell, Lilly's Good ending made me really wanna cry AND Hanako's too.
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How to get there: just ignore the other girls.

Rin's path is a bit confusing, so good look avoiding bad ends in there. Also, they're necessary for a 100% completion sooo 8D;
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I'll just have to keep on trying, then. I took a look at a flowchart that halfway told me what I needed to do...But I'm still stuck. Ah well, I'll get there.

I don't think it's avoiding the bad endings on my part that'll be difficult, I've had a great time in actually getting only Good endings so far. Part of that is a VERY large want to not have things get screwed up. Thanks for the better advice though, it makes more sense than that chart did.
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Just, try to understand Rin. That's all :)
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And try to get through the monologues. Heard that she had a few that could rival Kenji's crazy rants.
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Yeah. She's the sky apparently.
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Yep. Went through Rin's route. She's crazy. And it's just too endearing. And made me really happy, when I got her Good end. Now that I have gotten all the Good endings...I really don't wanna 100% it. I'm very happy with the Good endings thank y'very much.
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love hisao just going :| not giving a damn
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