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Escape from Grougaloragran



Cue here a comment about how I like this even more than Mages' Revolution. HO.SHIT. Alternative exclamation: FLYING KAMAS!

So I hope I have done the contrast thing correctly this time. Right Kan? What the other pic needed was contrast and I think there's now *A*

Amalia in the background doing some plant woobily woo, Ruel behind the flames, kamas all over the place, and our favourite couple running like idiotsps (at least one of them) because bravery is nice until sir Grougaluragran strikes 8U All in the same cave.

Please, for your mother, your father, your grandaughter, I want some feedback on this. Kthnxbye :U

Wakfu and all the characters © Ankama
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Heck yeah, running from the fireball. This is magnificent, sir/lady! :D