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Fine Art Prints, Open for preorders!

Head over to my shop to preorder now!

I felt it’s time to update with new prints, and you will decide which ones.
I’ve already put up my favorites in the shop for preorder. If your favorite is not there, well fear not, just tell me and I can probably add it too!
All artworks that has gotten at least one preorder, will be printed a week from now. I will print them in a minimum edition of 5.
To preorder head over to my shop, add to cart and fill out the rest, then you’re good to go!

If you have any further questions just contact me!

All original artworks + fine art prints in my shop have a 30% discount!
So if you’ve been wanted for an artwork of mine, now is definitely the time to get it!

The sale will continue until Dec 1st! 

Go to shop!

I’m now taking preorders of possible upcoming Fine Art Prints in my shop! The ones that I get 1 or more preorders of, will get printed up in limited edition. My plan is to print them up in the end of August 2017, and ship out as they get ready.

All preorders will also get two postcards for no additional cost!

I just uploaded a video on my Youtube channel!
On how I prepare my canvas before I start painting with oils. How to stretch the canvas, transfer the sketch and to gesso. Let me know what you think!
(Thank you for the music Puroboros )

The 4th edition of 78 Tarot is having a Kickstarter right now! Check it out to find out about what this whole project is about and book your own copy of 78 Tarot Astral deck! It’s gonna be so awesome!

And above you can see my finished artwork for the Astral deck! I got the card 6 of Swords. I was rather stunned how well the chosen card for me suited with what my life was right then. The card interpret: moving towards another place, leaving difficult times behind, which is just what I was going to do. Now I have moved in to our new home with a whole different lifestyle. The card can also be interpreted as: It may not feel like you are moving forward, but you are, things will get better even though you can’t see it right now. I had a very difficult time dealing with depression then and didn’t quite know what to do to make it better. But at last I collected my courage to quit my job and move. That’s just what I needed. Therefore I could very much relate to this card. I pictured her float in water toward a bright supernova, symbolizing that recovery and travel. She is passively floating with the water stream, towards a brighter future, leaving the dark to the pass, she may not realize it yet, but she is moving forward.

-Back our Kickstarter here!-

Started on something new this weekend.

I also made work in progress video, watch more like it on my Youtube channel!

Today is my birthday and I’m feeling extra generous, therefor I felt like having my
very first
ALL original artworks in my shop have a 30% discount! 
Don’t miss out, the sale will continue until Dec 26!
All orders will be shipped on Dec 29th. 


Happy Holidays!


It’s that time of the year... it’s time to preorder your Wall Art Calendar for 2017!

In my 2017 art calendar I’ve collected my 12 favorite artworks from the past year. The folded wall art calendar is in A4 size. Spiral in the middle and a hole to hang it in. It contains holidays celebrated in Sweden (since I’m Swedish) plus a couple of Christian holidays as well and other important days you shouldn’t miss. And there’s plenty of room to write down your own special days! Enjoy my artworks every day of the year, beautifully printed with glossy varnish. Give it as a gift to yourself or someone you love.

The first 10 to preorder will also get a free postcard!

On October 26th I will send to print! In the beginning of November, when I’ve received the finished printed calendars from the printer, I will send the calendar to you! Just in time for the winter holidays!

(If I get more than 10 preorders the calendar will also be available to buy directly from my shop later)


Did you know that all my artworks from my online exhibition Poisonous Flowers are for sale? Did you also know that many of those artworks are also available to preorder now as Fine Art Prints? No? 

In my Shop you will find all the artworks from the exhibition and those images marked with “Preorder”, is the ones you can choose to preorder your Fine Art Prints. On September 24th I will print up the number of preordered prints I’ve gotten. Then I will sign and number each one, since this will be a limited edition. And then it will be shipped to you. This whole process might take up to about 6 weeks. I will keep you informed via e-mail during the time of the process. Those artworks that did not get any preorder will not be printed up, so if there’s any artwork you would like, make sure to preorder it now!


Hello, I hope you're having a lovely day. I know I haven't been much around here lately and been neglecting my watchers feed for way too long nowAshamed  I'm really sorry! But for some of you, that follow my Instagram or Facebook knows I'm very much active there. I guess my time just isn't enough to visit here very often anymore. It feels sad, but I spend more time on drawing and painting instead and that makes me happy. But I do very much want to keep contact with all of you over here as well, so if you've got Facebook feel free to add me there, I'm accepting friends requests now, as long as you seem like a nice person^^. Or if you've got Instagram . Anyways, if you're not using any of those but would like to keep more up to date with my art than I update here, I've also got a blog and newsletter to subscribe to on my website

Take much care! :heart:

I’m very happy to welcome you to my new online shop!

In my new personal shop I will sell my Limited Edition Prints and for the first time my Original Artworks! I hope you are as excited as I am and will go to take a look. More artworks will be available shortly!

Let me know if there’s any artwork in particular that you’d like to see!

I will be closing my Etsy shop shortly, therefore I will be offering 20% OFF everything left in my shop now, until Friday April 22nd! (When half of the items expires).
Use coupon code: CLOSING20 at check out in my Etsy shop!

Wip Oil Painting Sandra Hultsved by SandraHultsved

I’m continuing to experiment with oil paint, trying to find the technique that will work for me and how the whole process works. Therefore I documented the progress this time with my iphone camera, in order to remember what I did and also what not to do next time. I think that’s a great way to learn and to see the progress oneself.
Below I will show you the sketch, the under painting and the grisaille layers of this painting. Later I will glaze in the colors, maybe I will show you that progress in an other update.
Like I said I’m only just beginning to learn how to paint with oils. I’ve never taken an art class in painting, so I’m probably doing a lot of mistakes. If you have any tips for me I’d love to hear them! Anyway I wanted to share my progress with you, that hopefully only will get better! But also if you are a beginner like myself, maybe you will get inspired and learn alongside me.

1. Starting with the pencil sketch on canvas paper. I didn’t do an initial sketch on paper to study details, as I probably would do if I had had a proper reference photo to start with. Instead I sketched right away on top of the canvas. Therefore I know the anatomy is not all correct, but that wasn’t the important part this time so I didn’t want to spend too much time on it anyway.


2. When I was done sketching I prepared the canvas with gesso and let it dry. I’m not sure if I should have done it before or after the sketching, anybody know? Then I covered the background with black acrylic paint, that I also experimented with dripping effects on, but I don’t think I will keep it. In the previous oil painting, I tried doing the whole first basic layer with acrylics, but that didn’t work very well for me, it just dried too quickly.


3. Instead I tried using oil paint in color Burnt Sienna for the under painting. Mixing it with odorless solvent makes the paint thin and easy to work with, plus it will make it dry much faster. I painted the darkest parts and shadows with it. Now I’m not too sure if I would do it this way, I think it will go just fine to paint it with the black color right away. Because I don’t want to accidentally lose any of the details from my sketch. Note to self: I suppose I could have just tinted the canvas instead to get away from the white.


4. After that first layer has dried I continued with the black and white oil colors, mixing up a range of nine shades from the whitest white to the blackest black. I started painting the darkest parts of my painting first. I watched several Youtube-videos on how to paint a grisaille to learn this technique, which I really like since I love working with shading and building up depth in black and white. Although I messed up a bit here, I didn’t use the whitest white for the highlights in her face, so it became much darker than I intended it. You can see the difference when comparing it with the hand where I did it right. What I actually should have done is to start with the darkest parts, then patch in the highlights, then work my way from the darkest shadows to midtones, and then from the lightest to midtones. After I have patched in all the colors, I blend them to make smooth transitions where needed.


5. I let the painting dry for a day before I continue. A good tip I learned is to store your palette in the freezer to keep the paints fresh longer. Now I’m making the corrections needed. Which was a lot this time, since I messed it up a bit in the beginning as you know... Also the previous step would be a lot easier if I had had a proper reference photo, that way I would have been able to detect the levels easier. But hey, oils are forgiving so I’m moving on, trying to correct the shadows and highlights to the way I want it to look.


6. I keep refining details and shadows more and more to the point where I feel happy with it.

Now I’m done with the grisaille layer. Next I will try to glaze in the colors, wish me good luck!

See more like this in my website blog!
The new year is soon upon us, therefore I'd like to sum up my past year by looking back on the hopes I had a year ago, reflect over what I have accomplished and make up new goals for the next year.
I'm always a big dreamer and the goals and dreams I had for this year was no exception. I had the feeling of that something big was going to happen in 2015, something that would change my life significantly. That I would somehow get closer to my greatest dreams and a happy life. When looking back at the past year now, I can't really see any of that unfortunately.
Instead I started the year by going into a great depression, a lot of stress and anxiety. I could even feel it physically, so I sought for professional help. After some time they where able to cure the physical illness. But not until now, I got an appointment to the psychologist. What can I say, I'm not very hopeful about that anymore...
To sum up my personal life it wasn't what I was hoping for.

Still I've been very productive with my art, even though I haven't felt like I've been that. Maybe because I mostly made smaller artworks that I can finish faster, and a lot thanks to Femme Thou Art Collective, that has kept me inspired to create new stuff. And also helped me sell my artworks, which has been so much fun! Seeing my dear artworks getting new loving homes, that just warms my heart!
Other great moments that I will remember is the many exhibitions I've had the pleasure to show in, the greatest for me was the 'Beauties of the night' exhibition at Alexi Era Gallery. I will also remember the beautiful feature I got at the art blog And that I got my third DD on my dearest 'Beaktande en ros', that was so unexpected! I also got it sold, which I also didn't think was going to happen! I'm really thankful for that!
In the end of the year I was also able to finally finish a work that almost took me the whole year, something I had been thinking of making for such a long time and told myself that if I make this right it will be the best one yet... no pressure there... but I made it! 'Where the most beautiful dies' is the best work for me.
So to sum up my art life, it was pretty good, I may not have met with all my goals that I had set up, but that's how it is. Dream to the moon and even if you miss you will be among the stars, that's my motto. To see my goals for the next year, see below. 

Finally, I just want to thank all of you who have been there for me during this year. When you have commented, faved or just started watching me, you know that makes my heart fuzzy. And more motivated to create new art to show you!
:heart::rose: All my love to you!:heart::blowkiss:

These were my goals for 2015:
:bademoticon:  Have a solo exhibition with my Poison series. (Nope, didn't even try...)
:bademoticon:  Sell at least one original artwork. (Yes! and lots of it thanks to Femme Thou Art Collective)
:bademoticon:  Finish and launch the shop on my website. (Changed my mind about that, but maybe I'll find it useful in the future)
:bademoticon:  Participate and sell my work at a fair. (Well, maybe not my own art, but I did participate as my so called real job, and sold our newly made book at Comic Con/GameX)
:bademoticon:  Get published in art magazine.
:bademoticon:  Create more art!
:bademoticon:  Always follow the heart! (I should listen to my heart more often, and not worry so much)
And some things I didn't list, but that happened:
:bademoticon: Participated in two exhibitions in Stockholm and one abroad at Alexi Era Gallery.
:bademoticon: Got a Daily Deviation on 'Beaktande en ros'.
:bademoticon: Started using Instagram, and loving it! You find me under @TheArtOfSandraHultsved.

My goals for 2016:
Bullet; Black Have my art shown at a gallery.
Bullet; Black a gallery abroad.
Bullet; Black Have my art featured in an art magazine/blog.
Bullet; Black Practice oil and acrylic painting.
Bullet; Black Have some representing art done in oils or acrylic.
Bullet; Black Make lots of new art!!
Bullet; Black Sell more original artworks and prints.
Bullet; Black Move out into the forest.
Bullet; Black Eat more vegan = no dairy products or egg.
Bullet; Black Move towards my dreams everyday.

Last but not least, I'd like to show you some of my favorite artworks of the year, no particular order. I hope you have seen them:
Requiem Aeternam by medusainfurs Snow Queen by GrimDreamArt the winter's bride by bubug
Oubliette by ascenciok Beneath by dustfae Danse Macabre by MayumiOgihara
Timeless by Raipun
Resilience by KmyeChan Fear, Madness and Loneliness by Bathoriya The Nymph Reflection by yanadhyana
Crimson Tale by Sieskja
Braid of moonlight by kikunakamura Nereids by NatasaIlincic
Leak by Checanty You are silent like my dumb dreams by NataliaDrepina 2015 Portraits by VijVij
Eternal Sleep by Katerina-Art
Original on wood colour version view 2 by lalalandofclouds Eye Doesn't See, Heart Doesn't Grieve by StefaniaRusso Hysteria by kelleybean86
West Wood by Kaelycea A Very Difficult Game Indeed by puimun
An Apologue As Torn Asunder by AKOrganicAbstracts Antimony by MarcelaBolivar
'The girl in her carriage' by ArtofMadameGrotesque 
Heart Mistress by Mon-artifice Danse Macabre by Derek-Castro The Huntsman's Tales by nina-Y
The Frog Prince. Golden ball. by LiigaKlavina Elwing by EKukanova Eoten by STelari
Title suggestions, anyone? by la-esmeralda
Queen of Hearts Portrait by MADmoiselleMeli Mushroom Ring by erinclaireb 
Fine On The Outside by agnes-cecile Darkside fo Light page 2 by Avoice
Impasse by kellymckernan
Murdag by nati Burlesque Autumn by xxMademoiselleKarma

I just realized I can't possible fit in all my favorite artworks here, so go by my favorites gallery for more;)

Beauties of the Night at Alexi Era Gallery, Vampiria, ink and pencils artwork

Here’s a teaser of my artwork ‘Vampiria’ that will be available at the ‘Beauties of the Night’ awareness and fundraising exhibition at Alexi Era Gallery, October 24th. The exhibition will feature artworks on postcards from artists all around the world and the postcards will be priced $5-$50. The postcards not sold at the opening night will be available online on their website the following morning. This year the exhibition supports Bat World Sanctuary ( and 100% of the proceeds are donated to them.

So I really hope that someone will adopt my vampire bat artwork to a loving home, inorder to help live bats get a better home too!

Opening Reception: October 24th 8-9PM (One Night Event)
Where: Alexi Era Gallery, Mascoutah, IL, USA
More info on their website here.

More updates about my art can be followed in my blog:

Now you can preorder my Wall Art Calendar for 2016 by contacting me. I need your preorder before October 25th, then I will send to print. The folded wall art calendar is in A4 size. The price is 200 SEK ($23 USD) + shipping. The first ten to order will get a free postcard!

How to Order:
Send me an e-mail with subject “Calendar preorder”. Please state if you’d like one or more copies and the shipping address; where you want the calendar to be sent to.

Then I will answer what the shipping cost added to the price will be. And my PayPal address (or bank transfer data if you prefer).

On October 25th I will send to print, so make sure I’ve received your payment before that date! Then in the beginning of November I will send the finished calendar to you! Just in time for the winter holidays!

For further questions, please feel free to contact me!

Ps. The design may differ slightly in the finished product.

And this is how lovely it looked last year:
Kalender by SandraHultsved

I don't have much time to do these features anymore, now do I...? But now I've found so many great hidden treasures around here, that I simply had to take time in order to show you these lovely artworks! And do visit the artists work and show your appreciation if you like them! :heart:

The Vow by Adeline-Martin Die 7 Raben by Checanty 
2015 Portraits by VijVij
Hysteria by kelleybean86 Drowning by MyFantasie
Danse Macabre by Derek-Castro Ravens by CoalRye
the white elk by snuapril01Forest Queen by ManelleOliphant Reading by natzufall
Fallen by Avoice
You are silent like my dumb dreams by NataliaDrepina 2015 Portraits by VijVij Moth Mouth by MarcusJones
something's electric in your blood by sbeeart  Spring 2015 in watercolor, closeup by jane-beata
When Flowers Dream II by puimun falcon by yadouKumo by Feebrile
Morgaine by dustfae false flowers by Bathoriya Aeternitas by MADmoiselleMeli
The star in her hair by EKukanova Sparrow's Quarrel by Kaelycea
Nereids by NatasaIlincic
Sustain it all by STelari My heart is beating... still by Sieskja
Eye Doesn't See, Heart Doesn't Grieve by StefaniaRusso Withering Wilma by Fragile-yet-CunNINg
Impasse by kellymckernan


I got tagged by STelari to do this ’DA 15’th birthday’-questionnaire, which is very suiting for me now because I’m celebrating 10 years on DA! Have your cake and eat it too 

Bullet; Purple  How long have you been on DeviantArt?

– Like I just said 10 years at Aug 7. I was on my last year in high school when Aukerjii introduced me to this art site, and ever since DA became my first home, where I didn’t feel so different after all.

Bullet; Purple  What does your username mean?

– It’s now just simply my name.

Bullet; Purple  Describe yourself in three words.

– Nostalgic, romantic and …melancholic. I have no idea really….

Bullet; Purple  Are you left or right handed?

– Right.

Bullet; Purple  What was your first deviation?

– I’ve cleaned up since, but I’d guess it was a portrait in graphite pencils of Avril Lavigne, I drew her a lot then, she was my greatest idol.

Bullet; Purple  What is your favourite type of art to create?

– I like to create when I’ve come up with a great concept or story and are able to convey it into an artwork, that expresses the emotion and atmosphere I had in my mind. I also like when it has a dark twist to it that might not be so obvious at first glance. 

Bullet; Purple  If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

– Oil paint. And I’d love to do ballet. Or opera!

Bullet; Purple  What was your first favourite?

Hold Yourself Together by genni
– I was totally amazed by the realism in this one and it opened my eyes on what one can do with graphite pencils.

Bullet; Purple  What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

– As I look through my favorites, I’d say they tend to look similar to my own artworks or what inspires me the most at the moment. That is in other words now melancholic girls, enchanting nature and dark romance.

Bullet; Purple  Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

– Gosh, impossible to say! But here are some of my all time favorite artworks by them! 

The Lady of Lorien by PinkParasol  The Red Rose Twins by dustfae  Snow White's Fall by Zindy  Tales Of The North II by nina-Y  Mysterium Tremendum by Bathoriya Stag Sonata Cycle: Scherzando by puimun  Metamorphosis by KmyeChan  Midnight Pleasures by Sarachmet  Mademoiselle Rose - Rose by nati  Morella by AbigailLarson  Broken Halo by ElvenstarArt  What enchanted trees are these? by STelari  Heartless by ascenciok To see more I've collected some in this fav folder:…

Bullet; Purple  If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

– Hum, so many again that I could say, but here are some people that have become my friends here and whom I also admire: ascenciok  StefaniaRusso  Katerina-Art  Sieskja MADmoiselleMeli dustfae artsaves1228  NatasaIlincic  STelari  TheDarkRayne  Bathoriya  Zindy  GrimDreamArt 

Bullet; Purple  How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

– What a difficult question, but I think everyone that has ever commented or faved and supported me in my art here has in a way. And of course every amazing artist I've come across here, who have showed me what more you can do with art. And made me inspired to create and to develop my art into what it is today. 

Bullet; Purple  What are your preferred tools to create art?

– Graphite pencils, ink pen and ink.

Bullet; Purple  What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

– I can only draw when I’m alone at my desk, preferably listening to music or radio, to keep me focused and just get carried away in my work. Otherwise I’d say the forest, it gives me a lot of inspiration, or the bus/train cause then I can think deep and get ideas.

Bullet; Purple  What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

– Off the top of my head, I’d say when I received my first DD on The bride, or when Natalie Shau favorited it, whom I’ve been admiring for agesLove 

Thanks for reading all the way throughHere's a kiss for you, my love! 

Again I just want to say, I'm sorry I haven't been the most active here lately. I've had so much at work and the rest of the time I've been trying to make new art. But now I'm finally having my long awaited vacation! Therefore I now felt like doing a favorite feature again! I've really missed doing them, cause I really like showing you all the amazing art that I find on here:]

In other news, I didn't get in to the art schools, but no hard feelings, I guess it just wasn't for me after all. I know something better will come for me. For example I just had an exhibition with my fellow artists at 'Fittkonst STHLM', you can see pictures of that in my blog!
And if you follow my page on Facebook I'm sure that you are familiar with that I'm a member of Femme Thou Art Collective, and are participating in their monthly art auctions as much as I can^^,

Anyway, now I will enjoy my summer and make more art!
And you can enjoy these lovely artworks!Relax 

Oubliette by ascenciok The Norns by NatasaIlincic
The Snow Woman by Alicechan Leak by Checanty
Gloomy Woods by peet
Sparrows Stole my Cufflinks! by socar Hamlet by KmyeChan
Early Spring by Flingling Nienor and Glaurung by EKukanova
the river's sorrow by sparkbearer
the winter's bride by bubug Fear, Madness and Loneliness by Bathoriya
A girl named Spectrum by AllisonStanleyGarden of Oblivion by Sieskja
What May be Found, Maybe Lost by Avoice
My secret garden - *Rambler Rose* by kolorits Wan by NataliaDrepina
The Mothqueen 2 by MADmoiselleMeli Morana by dustfae
Wishful Thinking -color fin by TerryBizarroInk Quotes :: Number 2 by StefaniaRusso
There are no problems in here by STelari Late night reveals many things. by LiigaKlavina
Lady of Sorrow by xxMademoiselleKarma Absinthe by Katerina-Art

My two new postcard motives has arrived! Do you like them?
They are available in my Etsy shop or direct order through me by email. I accept Paypal or bank transfer.

Preparing for this month’s auction at Femme Thou Art Collective with the theme “language of flowers”. I chose Snowdrop which means hope or consolation. Follow us on Facebook to watch the auction and to bid!

Btw, we are also looking for new artists to our collective, for more info click here.

Femme Thou Art Collectives foto.

For more updates, subscribe to my newsletter right here!

Take care!:heart: