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Bill Cipher (Human Version)

By SandraGH
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“Remember! reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!”

Recently I saw Gravity Falls and fall in love with this character, so I had to do a human version of him xD
I submitted that drawing the last month on my tumblr, but I wanted to submit here too~ 

I will spam with more Gravity Falls stuff, hope you don't mind hehehehe... (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Chibi version here!:

Chibi Bill by SandraGH

Bill Cipher (c) Gravity Falls
Art (c) me!
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wish I could draw that good
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I need this as reference. I will credit.
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d*mit, you made him a shota. I'm weak to shotas
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I love it!! I love both versions of the drawing!
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Ooh~ another meatsack body for me to inhabit! Looks deluxe meatsack~💛
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This looks awesome!!
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Bill: You ready to fight Pine tree?
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can i use this art for a youtube video i will say that you drew it and the video is about my cartoon/anime senpies   plz get back to me as soon as poseble 
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This is cute and awesome
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This is a nice take on Bill's human form. The artwork looks good.
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Kool, Can I color this? 

I will Give You Credit For The Sketch
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*favorites and runs away*
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This is amazing! My question is, what did you use to make this? I've been looking for good programs, and this is proof of amazing quality so please tell me
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I use Paint Tool SAI for all of my drawings ^^ it is really good and simple to use
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I'm actually not a fan of bills human version but this is actually really good! Never thought I would like a picture of bill as a human :3
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((my dorito X3))
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