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Trinquette Weekly Challenge December 2018

Pin-up done for the Trinquette Weekly Challenge. She is a proud  High Elf. ;)
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Sweet Christmas! Really beautiful.

Your lighting and shadows are very, very good. I really like the depth to this picture. You can do so much with shadows. Just seeing the shadows of the branches and leaves lets me imagine a much larger scene than you actually painted.
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Wow, this piece really has a flowing, unique feel to it. I can't quite put my finger on exactly how you've accomplished it, but you manage to combine very clean, crisp linework, yet still have a very soft, gentle feel overall. I love the overall flow to the piece; the foliage, her hair, and the dynamic pose. Her figure is exquisitely done, you've pulled of making her look very soft and feminine, while having rather small breasts, which is not at all easy to do.

Her outfit is stylish and beautifully designed, with a real art nouveau feel to it, and the translucent butterflies seem to pop off the page. Well done!
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Très jolie illustration !
superbe graphisme .
Magique et sexy.
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Very nice. I almost thought she had shackles on for a second.
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She looks very happy and the image has this wonderful serene feeling to it.

Her hair is impressive and frames her face really well.
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I really love her tattoo!
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