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Me current working post....;) you may be able to catch a glimpse of a copy of the Asterix comics on my desk and photostat copies of works from and ,two very talented artists who've been my inspiration eversince I met them here in DA. :D
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I  love your setup. Organized chaos! I'm much the same way.:) (Smile) 
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Back then yea. Now, Hurricane Overdrive XD
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You read Saladin???
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Yup,cos I was working on a project based on it. :3
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hehe~ look at the wall, cool~
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thats a cool office surrounded by your drawings.
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Is this where you make your awesomeness? ; w ;
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awesome work station..
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Thank you! Sadly, it ceases to exist now that I'm working at another work station.
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oh, you should post a photo of your new work station, I am interested in seeing it..
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My new work station is my lil computer desk in my bedroom,hehehe! Almost wrapped up with work...Booyah!
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woh... wuper messy..

like mine laaa..
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May i know wat r u planning to work for?? and wat kind genre cartoon to draw?? Just want to know of it ^^
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hey, what's your job? are you an animator?
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I wish, tho I'm doing animation, my job basically requires me to do all of the pre-production stuff from script writing to designing....they never seem to let me get some animation going....:(
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waw, thats cool already
so what kind of company do you work for?
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I'm currently attached at MDC in nowhereland/Cyberjaya. And u? ;)
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ha, i got no idea where or what that is lol

i still work for my own pleasure at the moment :), though in september i'll be learning some serious stuff at school =D can't wait :excited:
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*shame on you*

*cracks whip mercilessly*
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Looks like my desk at home! I keep hitting the scan button on my scanner whenever I type. =P Quite a mess I have. Boy, I wish I had a few of those art books though. I just clutter my space with beanie babies and bits of paper with the passwords to my many accounts. At least you have a big desk to work on. Very cute picture too. ^^
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Is that the Animator's survival kit? Are those binded books, Brian Lemay's 'Designing Cartoon Characters for Animation?' I've got the same books in more or less the same arrangement on my shelf. O.o

I think I spot tria markers.
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If only I would be allowed to put a bulletin board over my computer... it would make things so much easier. Alas, instead there's just a thousand little scraps of paper with references and works from my favorite artists cluttering the computer desk.
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HEhehehe.actually I don't have a bulletin board to use although there are some in the office, for my desk, I just simply stick 'em right on the wall itself. :P
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XD Beautiful. :clap:
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