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Heyas folks! I know I promised to upload some new artworks here.
Here's the first piece. Sorry for the lateness of it all.
Thanks for being very patient with me.

I've always wanted an animal book out,cos well,....I love animals and I love to draw them.

Think nows a good time as any to ask if anyone would be interested in purchasing an animal art book by me should this dream come true? Let's just do this as a survey here for now.
I sincerely appreciate any feedback I get.

Cheers everyone and have a great day!

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Fantastic artwork but if mean ol' owl catches the mouse I'll never forgive you!
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The story remains to the interpretation of the viewer ^__^ Thanks very much!
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They have amazing facial expressions!
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This is soooo adorable!!!! XD
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Hahaha love it!!
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Haha! This is cute and scary at the same time. The mouse's expression is so funny!
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I love the expressions on the owl and mouse! great drawing!
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This really reminds me of the "Dimwood Forest" series by Avi that I used to read as a kid. I don't know why it does, but it brings back lots of childhood memories.
Great job on the details ^^
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COME HERE MOUSE BOY!!!!! lol, the mouse is totally like "HOLYFREAKINGCRAP."
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You've nailed those expressions wonderfully!! Great work!!
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Wonderful expressions and motion!
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The field mouse is fast...but the owl...the owl sees at night.
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This reminds me of a story I wrote for enlish.
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hehe ^^ fantastic work!
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amazing drawing, i love both characters expressions, and poses, its very cute and funny.
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Stellar work. I love it. :D

My support goes out to you and your hopes of publishing a book on critters. I'm sure it would sell! :aww:

-- Mitch
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I adore the different shades of brown and grey in this. :) The belly feathers look so soft, and those bright orange eyes really stand out. Also, I love the pose of the little mouse. X) Though I feel very sorry for them.
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Ohhhhh poor mouse!!!!!
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this is so amazingly drawn, the looks on their faces says it all lol
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