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Sinon 2nd shot

:iconkickacosplay: as Sinon from Sword Art Online 2

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Sinon by Sandman-ACSinon Sword Art Online Cosplay by KICKAcosplay Sinon Sword Art Online Cosplay by KICKAcosplay

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omg this is amazing Sinon is my fav character out of SAO ( even though she wasn't in most of it) shes just so badazz <33 
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Ahh, I love this! Great job. 
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Very physical framing. I shit you not I feel like I'm falling off my chair looking at this.
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Interesting outfit. I like it!
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i know the cosplay is amazing, but the rifle should rest on her shoulder and that bothers me so much Q_Q
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I know and i had some issues about that during the photoshooting, but it's consistent with the strange way she holds the rifle in the anime. In fact the rifle rest on the shoulder only when she is totally still, while in the action scenes (you can see easily during the end of the opening) she holds it like that, partly due to the fact that the Hecate II is too big for her figure. 
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yeah that's very true, she does hold it like that. and i can imagine it's not easy to hold it properly if its bigger than you xD but in the picture you are obviously shooting, so holding it like that would just turn you into a pirate :P
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Halo announcer:"First blood, triple kill, killing spree"
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This is quite possibly the best Sinon cosplay I have ever seen.  :D
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