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Rainbow Dash



:iconnalianii: as a human version of Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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I love this photo! For a Rainbow Dash shot, the mountain or rocks is such a clever idea! You definitely don't see it too often! The cosplayer stands out wonderfully compared to the background, and yet she doesn't clash.

The lighting in this photo is very well done. Everything looks natural and balanced!

Her pose is fantastic. Obviously I can't say whether or not you asked her to do so, but it was a great choice.

The one thing I can point out is that with this pose, it feels like she should be looking away from the camera into the distance. The way her hand is positioned on her head, in relation to how she's kneeling, doesn't look like a salute. It looks as if she should be scouting for the next place to jump to. Looking into the camera would work much better if had she been standing with her hand in the same place.

Also, side note, I'm in love with her socks and I really want to know where she got them, or how she made them.