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Lego Batman cosplay

From Lucca Comics & Games 2011. Those guys were simply amazing.
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It's always nice to see all this support!! :)
Thank you so much!!
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Hi there, I think your cosplay is really awesome. I work as a co-editor for Caped Crusades another site. It's a website dedicated to all things Batman and I would like to use your cosplay for our cosplay fo the week post. We would of course give you full credit for the costume in the post. My email is let me know if you're interested in letting us post your cosplay. If you are interested let me know what name you would like me to credit and any websites you would like me to link to.
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Wow, first Lego Batman cosplay I've seen!  This is awesome!!  Lol.  xD
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Every time I see this picture in my favorites, it makes my day. Cx
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Best cosplay I have ever scene.
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This is the best thing I have ever seen.
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You have been featured in the first article of The A, B, C's of Cosplay! You can see your wonderful work HERE! Thank you for uploading your wicked work to Deviant Art! :aww:
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what the-who knew legos can get cosplayd XD
Thanks a lot! I'm the batman one...and yes, you had to expect to go to the toilet at least 20 minutes before going, in order to prevent chaos! Full cardboard, 100% recycle!
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Umm... how did you go to the bathroom in that?
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That's some dedication, wow.
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LOL li conosco questi pazzi!!! ahah i know them!! Fannes Forever!! il ritorno del cavaliere nicolò!
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XDDD Non vi ho vistiii XD
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This is all kinds of awesome.
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okay..1 that is amazing creative and fantastic work
and 2 what on earth were you smoking to come up with this
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That is incredible.
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That's brilliant.
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Omfg... now that's originality. xD Epic win.
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