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I received a message from one of my visitors and decided to publish my reply.

My visitor asked a number of questions:

hi, i just have a few questions. is magic real? do witches exist? how do you do magic? how do you know if you're a witch or not? do witches have elements? do you have to use a wand? where do you get this all from? the information? please answer these questions. thank you.

My reply:

That is a lot of questions.
Answering them could take up a whole book, so I won't be able to give a full reply in this short message.
I will try to give you something that I hope is not too difficult to understand and helps you find a direction.

is magic real?
Some people believe magic exists and others believe it does not.
You must make your own mind up about what you would like to believe.
Whatever you choose will affect how things turn out.

do witches exist?
Some people claim to be witches.
Some people point a finger and accuse others of witchcraft.
Whether they are mistaken, or not, is up to you to decide.
Despite what some claim there is no absolute way to prove or disprove witchcraft.
When it comes to belief, you can believe what you are told to believe, or you can choose for yourself.

how do you do magic?
There is information on the Internet and also in books that describes how to perform a spell, how to tell a fortune and so on.
You must search and discover what you think might be useful, if that is what you want to do.

how do you know if you're a witch or not?
I suppose that if you do what witches do, then that makes you a witch.
Different people have different ideas about what witches do, again, you will have to make up your own mind about that.

do witches have elements? do you have to use a wand?
Elements, wands and so on are things that some people connect with magic.
You can use them, they can be useful, but, just like a potato peeler or a book mark, you can manage without them.
It's up to you what you use and how you decide to use it.

where do you get this all from?
All this comes from something that human beings have been doing ever since there were human beings.
The way we are made makes us seek answers.
Some questions don't seem to have an answer.
So we make one up, that fills the gap in our knowledge, until we understand things better.
Of course there is argument about whose answer is right, better, or more accurate.
All of this debate has been written about in whole libraries of books, discussed over thousands of years.
You can dip into it all but will never be able to take in the whole thing.

At this point we have to make our choice.
For some it is easier, maybe safer, to fall into line, think and do what everyone else thinks and does.
However, there are others who need to find answers for themselves, which is, perhaps, a harder, more difficult route.

the information?
All this comes from reading books, searching the Internet and hearing what others have to say, also, of course, from my own experience.
Sometimes it is good to experiment in order to form an opinion.

I hope this goes some way towards answering your questions, and...
whatever your choices, I wish you well,

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