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Here be dragons,
elves, archangels,
wraiths, nebulous entities
and whatever else ye might seek,
or, indeed, for that matter,
whatever might seek to discover thee


Within these pages you will find a basic foundation in Magikal methods. This booklet presents a small set of well recognized techniques used in the pursuit of Magik. These exercises will provide an approach to the Arte of Magik.

In all Magikal Worke the end result will be a reflection of the original intention thus it is vital to define clearly the Purpose before beginning to tread these Paths. Some time should be spent meditating to reach and define a clear Intention. Once this definition has been reached it should be focussed upon as the Worke begins. Using the methods introduced here, the effects upon the individual and the environment will vary from person to person, but effects most certainly will occur, all relating back to that original Aim.
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These days most of us have the ability to read and write. It gives us more scope to learn, to communicate, to study and to share.
Those who tread the Paths of Magik perform a great service when they record their encounters, experiences, methods and thoughts.

As a first step along the Path, beginning a Notebook, a Journal, a Place to write, to make marks, perhaps also to draw, would, at the least, be a record of what has passed. The first thing written in this book should be that definition of Intention, that Purpose, that Aim, which will propel us forward into the future. The Path one takes will lead towards this Goal. If our purpose changes, so will the Path.

Obtain a Notebook and Pen and begin. No matter how trivial it might seem, always make notes.


 In your mind's eye, create the image of a tomato.
 It does not need to be an exact picture.
 Now try to focus that image.
 Look at its colour.
 Look at the smoothness of its skin.
 Feel that smoothness.
 Examine its size.
 Feel its weight.
 Forget the word, examine the fruit.

This is visualization, it is the first and the most essential building block of the Magik Arte.

Astral journeying is an extension of visualisation, as is Energy Work, they are tools which bring many possibilities.

 Use your imagination to picture a pencil and then a piece of paper.
 Now 'see' yourself writing on the paper.
 Write your name and under it the words 'Beginning the Worke of Magik'.
 Now get a real pencil and paper, performing the same task on the physical plane.
 Add any thoughts, notes or decoration that you wish, to your 'Worke of the Arte'.
 Store it safely with other writings you might have en-scribed, or might in future create.

This small step is a beginning along the Paths of Magik. The pencil and paper are your first Magikal Tools. There are ways to imbue them with energy that you may discover at some future date.


Centring using counted breathing.

 inhale counting 1-2-3-4
 hold the breath and count 1-2-3-4
 exhale counting 1-2-3-4
 hold the breath and count 1-2-3-4
repeat the whole for some time until you feel centred, relaxed, focussed and ready to continue.


Grounding is a means to unload negative or excess energies safely. It can also provide a source of positive revitalising energy. Grounding both before and after Magikal Worke is excellent practice. Eating,drinking or physical exercise can also be used to ground.

This simple method can be used:

 continue to breath steadily
 breath out - expelling distraction,negativity and excess
 breath in revitalising, harmonising, positive Energy


Close your eyes.

Imagine yourself surrounded by a shapeless cloud of energy. This misty cloud stretches to infinity it is your whole universe.
Breathe the mist/energy in and then out, visualize it being absorbed into yourself flowing in and out with each breath. At each breath the energy builds and concentrates more within your system, until you reach a point where you are glowing strongly like a beacon. Now slowly return to every day consciousness, still holding on to the energy and the bright beacon it has become.

This method can be used to invoke any type of energy, which can then be used where required. When the Magikal Worke is done, Grounding can be performed to dispose of any residual force.

Traditionally Elemental and Planetary energies have been used in this type of Worke. Tables of correspondence were compiled to tie in all manner of connected factors and establish a fixed method for doing things. More recently exponents of 'Chaos Magik' have suggested that there are other ways to cook the goose. Any combination of methods will do as long as it is produces a result. It offers no fixed way of doing things, improvisation is its method.
No doubt this is all part of an evolving tradition. If it moves it very probably isn't dead! For this we should perhaps be grateful.

Energy Work with your Ritual Tools.

Close your eyes, hold the object in your hands, and let its energy fill you, each breath deepening your connection to the tool, deepening the resonance between you.

Imbuing Objects.

You can dedicate ritual tools with appropriate energies. To tune a crystal or other object to elemental fire, hold it in your hands. Imagine nothing but fire surrounding you and stretching out to the infinite. Slowly, raise the crystal up and visualize a stream of hot, elemental fire energy pouring into the object, causing it to grow brighter and brighter as it fills with flame and heat, which is absorbed and becomes bonded to its structure. As before, Grounding can be performed at the conclusion.


Thought forms are the pictures, images, symbols used in the Magik Arte. They are present on the Astral Plane. Working with them is a large part of the Magikal Arte.

The Basics of Shielding.

Close your eyes.
Imagine yourself within a globe of light which acts as a barrier, a force field, preventing anything from reaching you. The better you can imagine this and the more certain you are that it will work, the more sure is the protection it can offer.

Simple Energy Work.

Visualize a sphere of light energy between your outstretched hands. Imagine the ball to be either large or small, whatever seems right to you.
You can do a number of things with this energy bundle. You can change it from light to another form of energy. You can change its size and/or shape. You can make it move from one place to another, even sending it a great distance. You can use it to 'charge' an object or person, or as a vehicle for healing energy. You can even 'program' it with your thoughts and intentions to perform particular tasks.

The Astral Temple.

A thought form, representing a temple or similar sacred space.
The astral temple is a space used for the magik arte. The more clearly you visualize the temple the more effective it will be. You can work on the astral, within the astral temple, or simultaneously in both the physical and astral temple.

Entities, Watchers, Tutelaries, Familiars, Imaginary Friends.

Phantasms of the imagination. The Invisible.
Within the Astral one might encounter beings with whom one could relate. One might also create or summon one or more, in order to perform some action, activity or task. These beings might act as guides, protectors, messengers, muses, aides.


Magikal Objects can take many forms and have numbers of uses within the Arte. Lets look at a few, mostly tools of the Arte:

 An alcove or altar, a permanent sanctified area, providing a place and a means to develop energies and contacts.
 Statues, pictures, representations of Magikal beings, physical objects used as a means of contact with and exposure to those beings.
 Rattles, bells, drums, cymbals, musical instruments, used to gain attention, create a start or end point, act as a focus.
 Cards, runes, pendulum, crystal, scrying mirror, used to obtain guidance, insight, knowledge, inspiration.
 Various fetishes, arrangements of shapes and words on paper and tablet, jewellery, mystic objects, designed to ward off and protect.
 Special clothing, masks, robes, beads, staffs and wands, easing and enabling the Magik Worker to step into another world to perform the Arte.
 Bookes, scrolls, parchments, writings, communication of the means and methods of the Arte.

Various objects are used to represent Elemental energies and to perform specific functions within the Worke.
These can include:
 containers, cups, bottles.
 candles, braziers, torches, lamps.
 stones, crystals, metals, clay, wood and wax tablets.
 arrows, feathers, fans, pipes, wind instruments, noise makers.

It is said that if there is need for a Magikal Object then it will appear when the time is right, as did Excalibur from the Lake.
...and when its time is done it must inevitably return, whence it came.


This booklet points to Paths leading into the Realms of Magik. These routes may be trod by those who can see their way.
Magik is an Arte. Its practitioners might be untrained and naive, or adept and well schooled, it is the Worke they perform and the Effect they cause that defines their role as Mage.
The information displayed here is only a beginning - a tiny part of what can become a life work. The Seeker must begin the trail, then search diligently for signs, markers and directions to lead to the intended end. The grand secret is how to turn fantasy, play, pretend and make believe into concrete reality. The child mind leads the way. 'What if?' are the watchwords.


A method to make an Initial few steps along a Magikal Path
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I like how simple and easy to learn the skills are which are laid out in your BOS pages. I wish I had come across your pages sooner, before reading some of the more than complicated Magick skills books I have read to try and understand these concepts. Yours is so precise and so touchable to anyone who wants to learn. Thank you again
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I'm glad the message is getting across :)
Thanks, your comments are appreciated
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