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Book of Shadows 02 - page 5

Book of Shadows

Another page for your enjoyment:

The Casting & Closing of a Magical Circle

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I have to say that this is the most simple and beautiful form of Casting and Closing the Circle that I have ever read. I will copy this into my Book ^^ Thank you so much. I was looking for something like this )O(
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If you look at the middle one of the three circles it is supposed to show how the circle is more than that, it is a sphere

It not only surrounds you on the floor - it stretches above & below you too - so you stand completely surrounded in a globe of Light

You can be flexible in using ritual - to be honest it is better to understand the principal & then design or modify the Work to suit yourself

I'm pleased you like it :)

Thanks for the comment!!
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Yes, I have felt it before when I try to do this sitting in my bed with 4 gemstones around me. It was my first circle and I didn't say anything but I felt the energy and like you said it was a bubble around me not just above, also below me ^^
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You can just 'think' the words but if you can say them strongly out loud it does give more 'oomph' to the rite

You must do what you are most comfortable doing

If it doesn't feel like it is working then it probably isn't

Just make notes on what works, what doesn't & why you think it is so

After a while you will work out what is best
for you

You can do this for yourself

It is better to understand what is happening rather than just blindly accept another person's way